Is James Allen Conflict-Free?

The world may be conflicted but that doesn’t mean your diamonds have to be. But how do you tell if your diamond is conflict-free? Does James Allen have conflict-free diamonds?

Is James Allen conflict-free? Yes, diamonds are conflict-free. They have Conflict-Free Diamond Guarantee and an entire policy on the matter, you can find it here if you’d like to read it yourself.

To summarize James Allen complies with the Kimberley Process, United Nations resolutions, and the Patriot Act. Anyone who is found to not maintain these policies is subject to penalties from the big dogs in government.

What does Conflict-Free mean?

It turns out people care where their diamonds come from. A few agencies got together and made sure it was the law of the land. So we ended up with the Kimberley Process, parts of the Patriot Act, and the United Nations resolutions.

All three of these policies work together to ensure every diamond that is shipped, sold, or otherwise is conflict-free. If it’s not then penalties are soon to follow.

All KPCS governments must certify that rough diamonds are derived from sources known to be conflict-free. The World Diamond Council also established a System of Warranties for polished diamonds.

This guarantees that polished diamonds are also derived from a conflict-free source as well.

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How James Allen Diamonds are Conflict-Free

James Allen takes every effort to be conflict-free. Especially since it is the law to do so. James Allen makes sure that they are in compliance with all of these acts no matter the cost or cause.

James Allen also makes sure they source their diamonds from trusted sources and inspects each and every one by hand themselves as well. They try to be conflict-free on multiple levels both for them, but also for you.

It’s the way it was always meant to be. And something James Allen will continue well into the future.

Lifetime Warranty

Another nice benefit that James Allen offers to insure a conflict-free diamond is their lifetime warranty. This covers not only a conflict that may have been missed but any conflicts that may arise in another area.

If you think about it lifetime warranty eliminates any chance that James Allen isn’t conflict-free in any way. That may be a play on words but it is true.

James Allen goes to great lengths to earn not only the trust but the happiness of every one of their customers. That is why they have the 360° display technology.

360° Display Technology

One of the things that make James Allen so great is not only their conflict-free policy but also their technology.

Each and every diamond is photographed with this 360° display technology. What’s so special about this you may ask? Well for one it allows you to see the diamond as much in person, like your computer screen, or phone will allow.

This technology busted the door wide open for customers to check out all the beautiful diamonds themselves. With a zoom function like no other, it’s as if the diamond is right in front of you.

It is thanks to this technology that helps reassure every customer that their purchase is as great and beautiful as what they see on screen. If you would like to learn more about it you can do so here.

James Allen puts every precaution and expertise needed into sourcing and finding diamonds. That is why JA is conflict-free but also worry-free in a lot of ways. With all the promises, guarantees, and services they offer it is hard to go wrong.

James Allen is already a trusted source in the jewelry world. Making thousands of couples happy and being apart of grand moments every day. Let them take the worry and stress out for you by joining their extended family today.

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Carl A. Jones, GIA GG

Carl A. Jones is a GIA Graduate Gemologist with over 20 years of experience in the diamond industry. He is an independent jewelry appraiser. He specializes in determining the value of diamonds and advising consumers on how to buy quality diamond jewelry.

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