What Are Pink Diamond Rings?

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There are so many different colors of diamonds. Have you ever wondered what a pink diamond is or how it is made?

Well, there is a lot to know about the pink diamond and you can find it all right here!

Take a look below to find out tons of information on the oink diamond including if they are even real!

Where Are Pink Diamonds Found?

Pink diamonds cannot be found just anywhere. However, there are a few great places that pink diamonds are found. Below you can find where they are found in the world, and the places they are found at. See the next section now for that information.

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What part of the world are they found?

Russia, Brazil, Siberia, Africa, and even Canada are a few places that pink diamonds are found. The most common place that pink diamonds are found is said to be in Australia. However, this may not be a complete list.

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Where are pink diamonds discovered at the above locations?

Pink diamonds can be found at any of the above locations. They are found through mining. One of the biggest mines for pink diamonds is in Australia. Because pink diamonds are so rare they are a real jewel once found in the mines.

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You can find more information on how the mining process goes for finding diamonds. Do note that some diamonds can be made in a lab. This is information on natural diamonds. The website is http://www.riotinto.com.

Why Are Pink Diamonds Pink?

Since the most common diamond has been the white diamond for long, it is no suggestion that one would wonder how pink diamonds are pink and why. Well, when a pink diamond is being made the specific pressure and light rays that it absorbs and turns the diamond into a pink shade.

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Do note that not all pink diamonds are exactly the same shade of pink. Sometimes they may even be a bit redder or even vary to a slight hint of pink.

Are Pink Diamonds Real?

Just like any other colored diamonds, pink diamonds are indeed real. This does not mean that they are all real though. Sometimes pink diamonds can be artificially made to give off a pink appearance.

1.56Cts Pink Diamond Engagement Halo Ring Set in 18K White Rose Gold GIA Cert Size 6

However, pink diamonds are naturally found and are actually worth a pretty penny! Be sure to ask the jeweler before purchasing the diamond if it is a naturally occurring pink diamond.

What Do Pink Diamonds Represent?

A lot of times people will wear a certain color gem to represent certain things.

0.64Cts Pink Diamond Engagement 3 Stone Ring Argyle Set in Platinum GIA Cert Size 6

Well, the pink diamond stands for love or tenderness. It can even represent innocence with its soft, light color.

In past times the pink diamond was meant as a sign of being happy or delighted.

How Rare Are Pink Diamonds?

Pink diamonds can be found in many different places but that does not mean that they are found very often.

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While pink diamonds that have been colored to have the shade of pink are much less expensive and easier to find, a natural pink diamond is much harder to come across.

20 million carats of pink diamonds are mined each year.

How Much Are Pink Diamonds as Engagement Rings and Jewelry?

Pink diamonds can get very expensive. Because of their rarity, the price can be much more than the price of a traditional white diamond. According to what kind of setting you get the pink diamond in can raise the cost itself.

2.63Cts Pink Diamond Engagement Ring Set in 18K Size 6

On average a pink diamond ring engagement ring can be anywhere of $15,000 into the millions depending. While a jewelry set in a necklace can cost just as much in range.

Are Pink Diamonds Famous?

Pink diamonds are very much famous. They have been worn by many famous and prestigious people. You can bet that royalty has even had one of these rare, beautiful diamonds. Take a look below to see some of the famous pink diamonds.

  • Daria-I-Noor. -This is one of the oldest pink diamonds. It can be found inside of the Iranian crown of jewels.
  • The Pink Star. – This pink diamond was owned by the Steinmetz Group before it was later sold and renamed the Pink Dream. The original name was Steinmetz Pink.
  • The Hortensia Diamond. – This stunning pink diamond was in the Crown of Jewels of France. It belonged to Hortense de Beauharnais, the Queen of Holland.
  • The Graff Pink. – This pink diamond is said to be the most expensive pink diamond ever sold by carat.


Hopefully, all the above information was helpful for learning all about the beautiful pink diamonds. While they are expensive in price, these diamonds are absolutely stunning. If you are interested in learning more, you can watch his YouTube video about pink diamonds.

Carl A. Jones, GIA GG

Carl A. Jones is a GIA Graduate Gemologist with over 20 years of experience in the diamond industry. He is an independent jewelry appraiser. He specializes in determining the value of diamonds and advising consumers on how to buy quality diamond jewelry.

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