What is an Anniversary Rings? When Should you Give them?

You went through the horrible journey of dating. You found your lobster. You said yes. You gave your friends the best open bar party they’d seen. It’s been great. Good for you. But now an anniversary is coming up. What are you supposed to get the other person?

An anniversary ring would be right present. It’s in the name already. Anniversary rings are for either your first year of marriage, or any milestone anniversary. It’s to be given on an actual anniversary and not just because you messed up and need to get back on your partner’s good side.

Okay, that’s nice. So that’s it? Just get them another ring? Well, no. Not just another ring. This time you get to put some thought into it. You know your partner a little bit better. You’ve spent some quality time together now that the craziness of the wedding is over. It’s time to show that you’ve been paying attention. If you haven’t, then let’s figure this out together.

What is the Meaning of Anniversary Rings?

Why get an anniversary ring? Because you should. You’ve gone through some major life events together. You’ve seen some stuff. It’s time to show the other person that you care that you are still together. There are some anniversaries that deserve a little more than a fancy dinner that no one has to clean up after.

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If it’s your first year of marriage you have survived a lot. So much paperwork. Changing names if you like that sort of thing. Putting each other on bills or accounts. Maybe opening joint accounts. All kinds of newness has been happening. An anniversary ring could be a sweet way to show your partner that you appreciate how you got through that crazy first year together as a team.

If you’ve been together a long time, it’s time to step it up. You’ve been together for years, maybe decades. Show that you know your partner’s style and taste. Getting an anniversary ring on a big one like the 10th or the 20th anniversary is a good way to earn some easy points with your partner.

An anniversary ring should be more fun to pick out than the engagement ring or wedding band. This one should reflect a bit more personality. There should also be less pressure with this ring. There are no questions that come with potentially life-altering answers.

When do you Give Anniversary Rings?

So when should you give an anniversary ring? The short and simple answer is on an anniversary. Duh. But which one? Any anniversary? If we are rocky and our 9th anniversary is coming up, is that okay? Well. Kind of, but no. Don’t. That would be a weekend getaway or something.

Anniversary rings should be for special anniversaries. The first for sure, because that’s a stressful year to begin with. If you didn’t have the money for a wedding band or could only get a cheap one for the day, then the first anniversary would be a cute time to get a nicer band.

The big ones though. The 10th, the 15th, the 20th, you get the idea. The ones that are a huge deal. You want to make a statement that you appreciate that after 10 years of horrible jokes your partner hasn’t left yet. Those are the ones that need an anniversary ring.

Types of Anniversary Rings

As far as types and styles of anniversary rings, these can be more fun to pick out. You have more options.

  • Simple band
  • Simple band but with engravings/designs
  • Eternity band
  • Diamond band
  • Stackable rings

Here’s where you can show how much you have learned about your partner. You can take their existing rings and play with how to enhance them. You should know what your partner would like by now hopefully.

A simple band is fine. It’s cute if you get something engraved on the inside that’s just between you two. An inside joke or something only you two would understand. Or a band without diamonds but has a fun pattern engraved on it.

The eternity bands are nice if your partner is still traditional but wants a bit of sparkle. The diamonds aren’t as big and it’s still very classic and pretty. They go with any kind of engagement ring.

The diamond anniversary rings are a bit much to me if worn with all of the other rings. But they are beautiful. It’s like a few mini engagement rings in one setting. Not my style, but I can see them being a great present for a 20th or 25th wedding anniversary.

The stackable ones are my favorite. They are a little bit edgy, a little bit more creative. I think the overall different designs and shapes of stackable rings are prettier. They go well with any existing rings too.

Picking out an engagement ring for someone you probably don’t know all that well can be stressful. Now that you have some years under your belt, it should be more fun and relaxed picking this one out. Heck, if you guys are on that level, ask your partner straight out what they would prefer. I’d rather steer them in the general direction than have to pretend I like something.

Does an Anniversary Ring Replace the Wedding Ring?

Once you have an anniversary ring, do you stop wearing your other ones? Do you wear all of them at once? That’s a fun part actually. You can do whatever you want. This part is totally up to you.

If you want to wear all of your rings together, that’s a great option. If you only want to wear your anniversary ring to make sure creepers still stay away from you, then by all means do that.

I love when I see an older woman with a few bands. I always ask them about their rings. They love telling me “this one was for our 10th and this one was for our 20th” and so on. It’s so adorable. It’s a way to publicly say that you have chosen this person for this long.

Can I Mix Metals with an Anniversary Band?

Yes! Please do! There is nothing wrong with mixing metals at this point. This is to celebrate a happy occasion. Not to be strict and keep it boring.

If you have had a white gold or platinum engagement ring or wedding band, then try a yellow gold or rose gold anniversary band. If you have a yellow gold band, try a white gold anniversary band. There is nothing stopping you from changing it up with this one.

How Much do you Spend on an Anniversary Ring?

The whole rule about the engagement ring needing to be two months of your salary is absolutely ridiculous in my opinion. I’ve seen some pretty expensive rings be pretty hideous. Or the smallest diamonds cost so much because they went for the best clarity and color. Is anyone really going to ask you? Do you carry the paperwork around in your purse to show off to people? Hopefully not.

The amount you spend should be up to you and your partner. It should be in line with your budget and not make you decide between paying the mortgage and having an additional ring.

But if you’re curious, here are some basic starting prices. Now, I don’t have time to list every combination because they are a lot. From white gold to yellow gold to platinum to rose gold, there are a lot of metals to choose from. Then you need to decide if you want 14k or 18k for your gold. But a good baseline is always good to start with.

Prices for Basic Anniversary Bands:

White Gold

  • 14K starts around $200
  • 18K starts around $350

Yellow Gold

  • 14K starts around $200
  • 18K starts around $350


  • Range from $230-$560

Rose Gold

  • Range from $260-$430

So, very reasonable for a simple band. Starting prices for stackables, eternity rings, and diamond anniversary rings are obviously a lot more because of the stones. You’ll start at least around $550 and it goes up to literally $15,000 and over.

There are some very cute eternity rings for $1,500-$2,000. Which, if it was a 10 year anniversary I don’t see the issue with that kind of present.

The stackable bands are really cute and bring a little character to the mix. If your spouse isn’t so traditional and likes to be different, I’d say check those styles out. They are some beautiful ones that you can get as low as $500 with diamonds in it.

Just Don’t Forget the Anniversary!

Really, the main goal of an anniversary ring is to show you didn’t forget a big day. So let’s recap what we probably forgot from two minutes ago.

  • Only for an anniversary, not because you messed up and don’t want to sleep on the couch
  • Preferably for a first anniversary, or a milestone like the 10th or 20th
  • Many different types to fit literally any budget
  • You can wear it alone or with your other rings
  • You can mix metals with your existing rings

You want to show your partner you’ve been paying attention over the years. That you appreciate those years. You want your partner to know that you care about the life you’ve built together.

Enjoy shopping for the ring that doesn’t come with a crippling, anxiety-filled question. You are ready to go out and get a fun, beautiful ring to celebrate your long lasting marriage. Make your partner proud!

Carl A. Jones, GIA GG

Carl A. Jones is a GIA Graduate Gemologist with over 20 years of experience in the diamond industry. He is an independent jewelry appraiser. He specializes in determining the value of diamonds and advising consumers on how to buy quality diamond jewelry.

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