What You Should Engrave on a Wedding Ring

When choosing an engraving for a wedding ring, consider something meaningful and personal. Popular options include initials, wedding dates, or special phrases that hold sentimental value. Remember, the engraving should reflect your love and commitment to each other.

You should engrave something important to your relationship on your wedding ring. It could be romantic, date or location of significance, or a personalized message. As long as it means something to both of you and fits on the band, it should be engraved on your ring.

Seeking advice on what to engrave on a wedding ring? I’m here to help.

Ideas for Engravement on a Wedding Ring for Him

Decided on engraving a wedding ring for your significant other, but not sure what to engrave? There are many options. We will give you a couple of ideas for the ring for the groom here.

Traditional Ideas for Engravement

Traditional is never dull! It is sentimental and using ideas that have been proven throughout time.

Initials or Name
A classic engravement idea is to use your initials or names together. For example, JD + KD or “John and Jane”.

Important Location
You can use coordinates or a city name that holds significance to you both. As long as it means something to both of you, it can be engraved on your ring.

Wedding Date
A classic engravement choice. A date neither of you will ever forget. Plus, he has no excuse for forgetting the anniversary!

Sentimental Ideas for Engravement

Are you and your partner head over heels in love? Well, more than the usual newlyweds? Do you have a song or quote that means a lot to you? A sentimental engravement might be the way to go.

Love Quote
Do you all have a love quote that means a lot to you? Why not get it engraved? Some examples of these may be: “Yours Forever”, “My Whole Heart”, or “My Forever”.

There are endless options of love quotes that are short enough to get engraved on a ring. All you have to do is find one that fits how you feel or one that you already say to him frequently.

Quote of a Song
Do you all have a particularly special song? You could also choose a lyric from your first dance song that you have selected.

Some examples would be: “Thank God I’m Yours”, “From the Ground Up”, “All of Me”.

Poem Inspired
Poems are forever a romantic way to show your love. You could go with a classic, like Shakespeare, or someone a bit more modern. The options are endless!

Pick your favorite snippet from your vows for your engravement. You can choose this if you are writing your own or using traditional vows. It’s a great way to remind each other of the love and commitment you have.

Unique Ideas for Engravement

Do you all want to do something a little different? Here are some ideas for unique wedding engravements:

Do you have nicknames for each other? If you call him “Studmuffin” or “Honey”, you could get that engraved. If you have something around his name that you call him and no one else does, it would be a great idea.

Inside Joke
If you all have a lot of inside jokes, why not use one on your engravement? As long as it fits within the character limit, it’s fair game.

Funny Engravement
There are lots of funny engravements you can use. You can take inspiration from your favorite movie. For example, use “As you wish” from Princess Bride.

Some other fun ideas would be something that will make him laugh. You could use something like “Why is this off?” or “Put Me Back On!” to put a smile on his face.

Ideas for Engravement on a Wedding Ring for Her

All of the options we gave for “him” will also work for “her”, but these are ones we find particularly special for her wedding band! You can surprise each other with the engravement or coordinate them.

Romantic Engravements for Her

You may consider a romantic engravement for your bride-to-be. Especially if she watches a lot of romantic movies.

Anniversary of Your First Date
What’s more romantic than remembering the first time you spent together as a couple? She will appreciate that you remember the date of your first date together.

The Date You Proposed
Or, the date she proposed to you! What’s better than one of the most joyful moments of your life? This is a great option to engrave on your wedding ring.

Love Quotes
Love quotes are always a good idea for romantics at heart. Take inspiration from poetry, or it could be something you all say to each other often. Even something as simple as “I love you” is an excellent option for engravement.

Sentiment of Forever
You’ve found the one. Why not put it on the ring that you’ve found your forever love? Some examples of this could be “Infinity” or “Forever and Always”.

Family Name
What’s more romantic that bringing together your families? Does she have a child already? Or a beloved pet? Put all your initials together for the perfect engraving.

Old English
Pull inspiration from Shakespeare or other Old English writers. An engravement that has Old English is perfect for an English lover.

Native Language
Does your bride-to-be have a different native language than you? How romantic would it be to engrave a romantic quote in her native language? Only advice here is to make sure to have another native speaker double check it.

Quote from Literature
This one is an excellent idea for any lover of literature. Take a quote from her favorite poem or book and put it on her ring. It will show you notice her favorite things.

Humorous Engravements for Her

A different way to go for engravements is the funny route. If you all love to laugh and crack jokes back and forth, this may be the way you want to go.

Funny Movie Quote
Is she a lover of movies? Find an iconic saying from her favorite that is also romantic. That would be perfect for a wedding ring engravement.

Quippy Quote
Does she love you for your sense of humor? Find a joke short enough and put it on your ring. “Dibs!” is always a good one, but you can get creative.

How Do I Get My Wedding Ring Engraved?

Many jewelers can engrave wedding rings. Not all of them do perform this service. If they don’t, they will be able to refer you to an engraver who will.

When you purchase your ring, you can ask your jeweler. Or, as you are shopping around for rings, you can check each jeweler’s engravement policy. Once you have your rings picked out, you can get them engraved by either the jeweler or the engraver.

The crucial thing is to double or triple check the text you provide to the person doing the engravement. Check it over to make sure there are no typos. Make sure to write it down for the engraver.

When you get your ring back, you should immediately check the engravement. It’s always good to double-check for accuracy right away.

When Do I Engrave my Wedding Ring?

This one is up for personal preference, but we will give you the options. You will need to have your rings picked out and ready to purchase. After that, you can get them engraved when you are ready.

Some people get their rings engraved before the wedding. This is a good option as long as you talk to your jeweler in advance and make sure it can be done on your timeline. Engravements can take a couple of hours to a couple of weeks, depending on the options you choose.

Another option is to wait until after the wedding. Some people will complete engravements as anniversary presents. Others wait just to be sure what they are engraving still means something to them through the years.

Should I Engrave my Engagement Ring?

The short answer here is yes! Engraving makes the ring you pick out even more personalized and gives a romantic touch. An engravement shows you have been thinking about this for a while.

Adding a personalized touch to an engagement ring is never a bad idea. It’s still something that symbolizes love and commitment. An engravement adds to that love and commitment.

A lot of the ideas for the wedding band engravement overlap for an engagement ring as well. If you’re a planner, you could engrave the proposal date on there. If you’re more of a romantic, pick a romantic saying.

How Much Does It Cost to Engrave a Wedding Ring?

There are different types of wedding ring engravements. Machine engravement runs about 25 dollars per engravement. Some engravers hand-engrave the inscription of choice. Hand-engraving can run about 75 dollars.

What if I’m Buying My Ring Online?

If you’re buying your ring online, you can still get it engraved! Buying an engagement ring online is all the rage now. This is a pretty common occurrence that most jewelers will accommodate.

Typically, you can look for an engravement option when checking out of most online jeweler websites. There will be a character limit on all sites. Some come with additional cost.

Sometimes, online jewelers or shops will not offer engravement services. If this is the case, you can find a local engraver. There are also engravers online who will offer these services.

What If I Need to Resize My Ring After Engraving It?

Resizing a ring is essentially adding or removing metal. Most of the time, when you resize a ring, you will have to get the engravement redone. There are some cases in which the engravement can remain intact.

There are also some cases that only slightly impact the engraving. However, if you need to get a ring resized, most likely you will need to redo the engraving.

How Do I Get My Ring Engraved at jamesallen.com?

Jamesallen.com offers free engraving and it’s easy too! Just add the ring you chose to the cart. When you click checkout, you will be taken to your shopping cart. There, you will see a hyperlink: “Add Inscription (Free)”.

When you click on that, you’ll simply have to enter the inscription. The inscription should be 20 characters or less. After that, you can choose your font.

When you finish your inscription and font selection, a preview will generate. You’ll be able to see how it looks and make any changes you want.

How Much Does It Cost?

Adding an engravement to a ring on jamesallen.com is entirely free! It is a great way to personalize your ring.

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How Do I Get My Ring Engraved at bluenile.com?

Bluenile.com also offers engraving, but it’s $30. Just add the ring to the cart. When you click checkout, you will be taken to your cart. There’s a button in your shopping basket that says, “Engrave This Item”.

You can choose the engraving style, font, and enter your text. The inscription here can be 16 characters long. The approximate preview will generate when you are done typing.

How Much Does It Cost?

Adding an engravement to a ring on bluenile.com costs $30.00.

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