Who Cuts Diamonds?

When diamonds are originally mined from the earth, these are found in a wide variety of sizes and shapes. In order to be used for jewelry, these must be cut to take advantage of the particular stone’s features and polished for grading and setting. You may wonder just who cuts diamonds from the natural stones  (called roughs) to ready these for jewelry.

Diamond Cutting is a Profession

Professional diamond cutters cut diamonds. This profession requires a great deal of skill and training, and is difficult to master. Cutters are specially trained and use specific tools to cut and polish this especially hard stone, then shaping and polishing it into a piece suitable for jewelry.

Locations of Diamond Cutters

The majority of diamonds are cut in just a few places across the world. In the United States, New York City is the only major diamond cutting location. The majority of diamonds are cut in India and China, but there are a few cutters in other places, particularly in Belgium and the Netherlands. As you can imagine, these locations are also where most of the training takes place for new cutters.

What Process is Used By a Professional Who Cuts Diamonds?

Diamond cutting requires three basic steps to take the rough stone to a jewelry ready piece.

Professionals who cut diamonds go through a long and complex training process. Only the very best craftsmen cut diamonds for the world’s most respected diamond houses.

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