The Pros and Cons of a Channel Setting for your Engagement Ring

The channel setting is not a complicated one to work with and it is just like the name suggests. The band is going to have a specially cut channel that has small stones, usually diamonds, that go right into it. These stones are kept secure on both sides through one of two methods. The first is that the lip of the groove is set to be narrower than the stones or there are special grooves in the wall of the channel to help.

A channel set ring is a good choice because it will highlight the natural appearance that comes with the main stone in the ring and it looks really nice. It also provides a sturdier piece of jewelry that will keep the stones safe. However, cleaning and repairing the ring is sometimes a hassle and you will not be able to resize the ring later.

Let’s take a closer look at the channel ring settings and learn more about whether they are the right choice for your next ring.

The Pros of Channel Set Diamond Rings

There are a lot of pros that come with the channel ring setting. Some of the benefits include:

More Secure

Compared to some of the other ring settings that you can choose from, the channel setting is more secure. The bezel and the prong setting will allow the diamonds to loosen over time because they get weak with constant use. But with a channel setting, this is not going to happen as much as with some of the others.

Holds the Stones in Place

The nature of the recessed setting that comes with the channel setting will help to hold the diamonds in safely. Now, it is still possible for the stones to come out and get loose, but it is less likely than some of the other settings that you may choose. This lower profile can keep the diamonds in place while also helping to protect them from any fractures or chips along the way.

Can Be Worn Everyday

This is also a good setting to use if you plan to wear the ring most of the time. Although there is still going to be at least a little bit of exposure to the center diamond with this kind of setting, the channel set will make it easier to wear your engagement ring each day, rather than just during special occasions.

Protects the Stones

Another benefit of this kind of setting is that if it hits or strikes against something, the metal is more likely to be the part hit, rather than the stone, protecting the integrity of the whole piece.

The Cons of Channel Set Diamond Rings

While there are quite a few benefits to choosing the channel setting, there are a few drawbacks that may keep you from going with it. These include:

Less Sparkle

There is often a downturn when it comes to the sparkle with the diamonds or other stones when the ring gets dirty. It is hard to clean out the channel setting because of the way the stones are placed into the ring, and this can make the shine and luster go out of it quickly.

Hard to Clean

There is also a recessed nature that comes with the setting which can make it hard to clean any of the stones when you would like. The stones that you have in the setting and the type of metal will help dictate the best way to clean this type of setting. Your jeweler will be an asset when you have this kind of ring because they can give you some suggestions and help you get all the stones and the metal cleaned out. They may have to use a few specialized tools to get the whole thing cleaned well.

Hard to Fix

If something does get damaged in this kind of ring setting, then it is hard to do any repairs inside of it. The stones have to be cut specifically to fit into this channel. This can make it hard to cut a new diamond if something gets broken and setting the stone inside is even more difficult. You need to use caution to make sure that the ring is not going to break on you.

Hard to Resize

One of the hardest things about having this kind of setting though is all about the resizing. Some jewelers are able to do so, but only by one size and never any more than this. Changing the size of the band is going to change the arc of the curve and if you try to change that too much, the stones will just pop right out and the whole ring is ruined. It is best to get it sized right and stick with it than ruin the ring. See: Ring Resizing

There are a lot of benefits that come with having a channel ring setting for an engagement or other type of ring. But there are also some drawbacks that can come with this as well. Understanding both of these can help you make a smart decision on whether this type of ring is the best choice for you or not.

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