Is James Allen Better Than Blue Nile?

James Allen is an online diamond and bridal jewelry retailer known for its great quality. Blue Nile is a pioneer of the online diamond industry. They are fiercely competitive with one another. But how do they stack up against each other? We spent 10hrs of research looking at the pros and cons and put together the cliff notes of what you need to know when choosing between the two. Let’s take a look at James Allen and if they are any better than Blue Nile.

Is James Allen better than Blue Nile?  James Allen has the edge. Between their viewing technology, greater inventory, and matching Blue Nile on everything else. It is clear that James Allen is better by enough than Blue Nile. 

Now if you would like to know great details let’s check out why shall we? I mean we can here to find out if they’re better. So let’s find out why they are better.

James Allen Vs Blue Nile

On the battlegrounds of diamond retailer giants, we have two powerhouses for sure. But James Allen edges out Blue Nile enough to make themselves the better diamond buying experience.

Let’s look at some additional information to see why.

What Does James Allen Bring to the Table?

James Allen may not bring as many years of experience as Blue Nile does, but they do bring is innovation.

James Allen started in 2006 and has been turning heads since. They didn’t focus on big fancy showrooms. They didn’t just focus on marketing.

The folks at James Allen focused on quality and a complete customer experience. James Allen brought great digital technology to life.

A shopping experience online that is just as formidable as going into a store.

These guys may not have been in the market for as long but here is where they truly shine:

  • 24/7 customer service
  • All of their products are backed up by guarantees
  • Free engraving a courtesy not everyone provides
  • Plenty of inventory to find your perfect diamond, ring, or jewelry

James Allen goes above and beyond for their customers and everyone involved. Blue Nile may do similar things but James Allen recognized the need for innovation. Blue Nile did too but they have been late to the table which makes James Allen the better of the two.

What Does Blue Nile Bring to the Table?

Blue Nile was founded way back in 1999. Their goal was to offer an extraordinary diamond shopping experience. They built a team of non-commissioned experts who put their customers first.

They offer handcrafted engagement rings and that they ethically source all their diamonds. They also keep an inventory of over 150,000 loose diamonds.

Blue Nile also offers 24/7 advice and diamond education from unbiased sources. They offer GIA-graded diamonds, as well as a 30-day return and lifetime guarantees. They also offer a diamond price-match guarantee as well.

What they don’t offer is innovation. They have pictures of diamonds but in the beginning, they had nothing really. Even now their images are not as thorough or engaging as James Allen’s are.

This put Blue Nile on the back foot even though they have years of experience. People want knowledge but they also want to see what they are buying. Don’t get me wrong, Blue Nile is trying but with all the features James Allen offers they just “outshine” the competition. Blue Nile is playing catch-up.

Why James Allen Is Better

Now that we have looked at the two in comparison here is why James Allen is better. This is no sales pitch because James Allen will back up any of these facts right on their website.

James Allen has everything that Blue Nile has and then some. Including free engraving which may not seem like much on the surface but when you’re buying a $5000 ring it will be something you appreciate.

James Allen has the variety, the technology, and enough experience to handle any request. From preset rings to customization putting your faith in James Allen will surely not be misplaced.

A real person answered my question in under 15 seconds!

Their customer service is phenomenal. Using the online chats of both and on a  Saturday morning, I asked the same them both the same question. Jame Allen had a real person respond in about 15 seconds!!! This is unreal for any type of online business. Blue Nile provided a chatbot and a message that someone would answer within two minutes, then 7 minutes later I got a response. Boo Blue Nile.

Check out the comparison table below. Check out James Allen’s website. You’ll be impressed were sure of it.

James Allen vs Blue Nile Comparison Grid

James Allen

Blue Nile

Years Of Experience Found in 2006 Founded in 1999
24/7 Customer Service 24/7 chat 24/7 chat
Customer Service Response Time 15 Seconds!  7 Minutes
Price Matching Diamond Price Guarantee if you get almost an “exact” diamond priced elsewhere Diamond Price Guarantee if you get almost an “exact” diamond priced elsewhere
Free Engraving Free engraving $25 engraving
Guarantee  30 days money-back guarantee 30 days money-back guarantee
Resizing One year free resizing One year free resizing
ASET Analysis 3 Images, No diamond reservation, unless you’re serious No free ASET images, diamond reservation but not confirmed on their site
Diamond Viewing Technology 360-degree HD images & videos, 40x SuperZoom Introduced 360-degree images, not comparable to James Allen
Inventory Largest online inventory, with more than 270,000 diamonds Large inventory with more than 160,000 diamonds
Variety Not as much variety, but better carats More variety than James Allen but lesser carats
Diamond Certification Institute Gemological Institue of America (GIA) Gemological Institue of America (GIA)
Showrooms Two showrooms Five showrooms
Searching Convenient Search & Filters (with 360-degree images in search results) Convenient as well, but without images, unless you open each diamond
The Winner James Allen <<<<<

The Bottom Line

As you can see from all of the above James Allen definitely comes out in front. Between all of their services, and gorgeous inventory James Allen has made a name for itself and will continue to turn heads. 

You don’t need us going on about them, however. Check them out at and see for yourself. We are confident you won’t be disappointed.

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