What’s the Best Diamond Cut for an Engagement Ring?

Have you ever wondered what’s the best diamond cut for an engagement ring?  There are countless diamond cuts lining jewelry store shelves. Finding a diamond cut that she will love for a lifetime can feel stressful. To help narrow down your search, we will show you the best diamond cut for engagement rings. Keep reading to learn about this timeless shape, its outstanding sparkle, and buying tips.

Round cut diamonds are the best diamond cut for an engagement ring. Engagement ring trends come and go, but round cut diamonds for engagement rings have remained a favorite for decades. Also known as round brilliants, these diamonds have unparalleled beauty. In fact, over 75% of all engagement rings sold have round diamonds. Round diamonds are a classic and accommodate any engagement ring style.

Out of all diamond shapes, round diamonds have the most brilliance. Brilliance refers to the flashes of light that a diamond emits. All diamond shapes have a unique facet pattern that influence’s its sparkle. When light hits a diamond, its facets act as mirrors. The light then travels throughout the diamond and sparkles. Round diamonds were designed so their facet patterns would maximize brilliance.

Round diamonds fit countless styles and are exceptionally brilliant. This shape is the perfect choice for any bride-to-be. Since round diamonds are popular, jewelry stores sell many round engagement ring styles.

How were round diamonds made?

We have Marcel Tolkowsky to thank for everyone’s favorite diamond shape. Born into a family of diamond cutters, Tolkowsky was immersed in the diamond industry. With his math and engineering background, he knew that he could improve how diamonds were cut.

Diamond cutting had been more of an art than a science. Diamonds were measured and cut by hand. If a diamond was poorly cut, light would escape from the diamond’s sides, making it look dull.

In 1919, Tolkowsky published a thesis on diamond design. He created a formula for cutting diamonds proportionally. With this formula, diamonds could achieve maximum sparkle. Over a century later, Tolkowsky’s diamond design is still beloved.

How to buy round cut diamond engagement rings

Now that you know the best diamond cut for an engagement ring, you may feel ready to go to your local jewelry store or buy an engagement ring online. Before taking out your credit card, check out our tips for buying a beautiful and affordable ring.

What are the best grades for round diamonds?

Let’s begin with the 4C’s of diamond grading. The 4C’s detail the diamond’s characteristics. The higher the grades are, the more beautiful and expensive the diamond will be. Below are our recommendations for each diamond grade:

Color Grade:
Color grade defines how white the diamond is. D colored diamonds are colorless, and Z colored diamonds have a faint yellow tint. For an affordable diamond that looks colorless, shop for diamonds with G, H, and I color grades.

Cut Grade:
Cut grade is not to be confused with a diamond’s cut or shape (such as rounds, ovals, and pears). Cut grade refers to how well the diamond was cut. This grade spans from Excellent to Poor. A poorly cut diamond will look lifeless and even smaller than a well-cut diamond of the same size. You should only shop for Excellent cut diamonds.

Clarity Grade:
Clarity grade refers to the number of imperfections in the diamond. Many of these imperfections are not visible to the naked eye. Clarity grade spans FL for flawless to I3 for visibly flawed. For large diamonds, we recommend getting diamonds with VS1 or VS2 clarity grades. For small diamonds, we recommend diamonds with SI1 or SI2 clarity grades.

Carat Weight:
Carat weight describes the diamond’s size. Carat weight is up to your preference.

How much should I spend on a round diamond?

All diamond shapes have different price points. As round diamonds are the most popular shape, they are also the most expensive. For example, let’s compare a similar round and oval diamond sold at James Allen. Both diamonds are 1 carat with the same color and clarity grades. The round diamond sells for $4,220, and the oval diamond sells for $3,070. That is a price difference of $1,150!

Depending on a 1 carat round diamond’s quality, you can expect to pay anywhere between $2,000 and $15,000. To best gauge how much your ring will cost, use websites like James Allen to compare prices. Experiment with different 4C combinations until you find an agreeable price.

For an affordable engagement ring, try our savings hacks:

Lower carat weight: A 1-carat diamond and 0.90 carat diamond will look identical. Even with this small size difference, the whole carat size is much more expensive. A difference of 0.10 carats can save you hundreds.

Halo setting: A halo is a ring of diamonds that encircle the center diamond. Halo cut diamond rings make the center diamond look larger and enhance its sparkle. A halo engagement ring will give you a sizable looking diamond ring at a fraction of the price of a bigger diamond.

Online Shopping: Online jewelry stores are more affordable than physical jewelry stores. Physical stores have more overhead costs that they push onto their products. Without the same operational costs, online jewelers pass their savings onto you.

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Final thoughts

We can all agree that rounds are the best cut diamond for engagement rings. Round diamond’s beauty and brilliance cannot be matched by any other shape. With our tips, you are well on your way to buying your partner an engagement ring that they will always cherish.

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Carl A. Jones, GIA GG

Carl A. Jones is a GIA Graduate Gemologist with over 20 years of experience in the diamond industry. He is an independent jewelry appraiser. He specializes in determining the value of diamonds and advising consumers on how to buy quality diamond jewelry.

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