What are Chocolate Diamond Rings?

Chocolate diamond rings have nothing to do with chocolate in case you were wondering. They are brown colored diamonds and a lower cost alternative to white diamonds. Since they are color treated, sellers can often get away with using lower quality diamonds. In general, chocolate diamond rings have less sparkle and brilliance. In the 1980s,…

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How Diamond Rings Are Made?

We know everything about our best friends, right? This includes, ahem, how they are made. Can you say the same for your other best friend? Yes, I’m talking about diamonds! Do you know the hard work and effort that went into you coming face-to-sparkle with your bestest friend in the whole wide world? To know…

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What Are Black Diamond Rings?

Are Black Diamonds Real? Black diamonds are genuine diamonds that appear in an opaque color specifically known as fancy black. They are less common in the resale market than red, colorless, or pink diamonds. Black diamonds can be used as engagement rings or set as jewelry that is suitable for men and women alike. There…

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Should You Insure Your Diamond Ring?

You just a spent a nice chunk of change on a beautiful diamond and now you’re wondering if you should insure your investment, huh? After all, we insure other things that we care about.  You know, like Heidi Klum did for her legs. Policy 1: Unscheduled Property Many home owners and renters insurance cover up…

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