About Us


This is a resource developed by Carl Jones. Carl has been involved in the jewelry business since his youth. Growing up in South Africa his parents were jewelers who worked in the industry for decades.

Since his early childhood days Carl spent countless hours with his dad studying diamonds and learning the 4 C’s long before he went to school to learn his ABCs like the rest of us.:)

While Carl’s father had a passion for appraising diamonds, his mother was the entrepreneur in the family, she showed Carl the importance of providing people with value added services. It was not simply enough to display the jewels, you had to tell the story behind it and what makes it truly unique.

This hard work philosophy stayed with Carl his entire life even when he was studying he remembered his time with his parents and currently shares his passion with his own children. Carl is involved with a plethora of charities and firmly believes in giving back to society which has given him so much.