How Big Should a Nose Ring Be?

How Big Should a Nose Ring Be

If you are thinking about getting a nose ring, you are probably wondering how to choose one. What color should you get? What size should you get? Do they even come in sizes? If you are wondering how big a nose ring should be, we are here to help.

The standard size of a nose ring is a 20 gauge, 8 millimeter diameter nose ring. Typically, these fit most face and nose types. However, there are other options!

The standard size is considered the “regular” size and a good starting point. But the truth is different noses or designs need different sizes! But there is a standard size that most people go with right away. Now, we should probably explain just what those numbers mean.

How big is a Gauge?

A gauge, when talking about nose rings, refers to how thick the jewelry is. 20 gauge is the most common thickness. It is .8 millimeters thick. Most pierces will carry this in stock right away, but they do come in other sizes as well.

Nose rings come in the following sizes of gauges:

  • 22 gauge
  • 20 gauge
  • 18 gauge
  • 16 gauge

22 is the thinnest available and can be very hard to come by. Jewelry to fit a 22 gauge piercing is often hand made. As 20 is the most common, it also has the most options for jewelry.

Fun fact: 22 gauge is one of the smallest you’ll find in jewelry!

Can I Change Gauges?

After a piercing, you can go down in gauge size, but you can’t go up. At least not comfortably. The gauge you get pierced determines the gauge that will comfortably fit you.

If you do go down in gauge sizes, you may experience your nose fitting that gauge better. Typically, you can go down in gauge size, but not up.

What’s Diameter?

When you are talking about nose rings, typically, diameter comes into play. This simply means the distance from the inside rim to the other rim.

The most common diameter is 8 millimeters. This is equivalent to 5/16 inches. The other common size is 10 millimeters or 3/8 inches.

The diameter you choose depends on the size of your nose and the placing of your piercing. For example, if your piercing is higher up your nostril, you may need to get a larger diameter. If it’s lower, you may need a smaller diameter.

What Other Diameters Options Do I Have?

Diameters can range in size. Depending on where you go to find your nose ring, you can find diameters in these ranges:

  • 6 millimeters
  • 7 millimeters
  • 8 millimeters
  • 9 millimeters
  • 10 millimeters
  • 11 millimeters

Why Is Diameter Important?

Diameter is important because it really impacts how your nose ring looks. The nose ring needs to be fitted well. Otherwise, it can look a little out of place. You want your nose ring to be like a good pair of jeans—just right!

What’s the Length?

The length is typically measured from the base of the nose jewelry to the end of the piece. This is oftentimes not a nose ring. Nose rings are measured in diameter, while the rest are measured in length.

Typically, these will have gems on the end or other décor. They will be corkscrews or l-shape jewelry.

When you are thinking about a nose ring, the length shouldn’t come into play.

What if I Can’t Find a Nose Ring that Fits Me?

If you can’t find a nose ring out of common diameters that fits you well, there are options! A fishtail nose ring is a very common item. The piercer can measure your nose and take a long bar (aka a fishtail) and bend it into a ring that fits your nose.

So, if no other common size seems to fit, don’t worry! You can get one custom-sized to your nose. It’s a simple process that many piercers and jewelers offer.

What If I’m Going to a Formal Event or an Interview?

While some may be on the cautious side, we think you should be true to yourself. Nose rings are not just the fashion nowadays. They go back in history. People have been wearing nose rings for many years.

If you are concerned about appearances, you can switch to a transparent nose ring. Or you can change your nose hoop to a simple, small corkscrew gem. Some people don’t notice small gems at all!

The best idea is to make sure that if you do change your appearance for an event or interview, you are okay with doing so. In the case of an interview, they may have policies against piercings or tattoos. Make sure that you are okay with that before changing your appearance.

Final Thoughts

A nose ring is a great way to express yourself or to show the culture you are a part of. There are many different sizes and types of nose rings. It is important to find the one that expresses yourself. It is also important to find one that looks good and fits well. A nose ring size doesn’t have to be a mystery. Talk to your piercer or jeweler to find the right size for you.

Carl A. Jones, GIA GG

Carl A. Jones is a GIA Graduate Gemologist with over 20 years of experience in the diamond industry. He is an independent jewelry appraiser. He specializes in determining the value of diamonds and advising consumers on how to buy quality diamond jewelry.

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