Are Diamonds Organic?

Diamonds were formed from carbon about 100 miles below the surface of the earth over a billion years ago. The carbon that forms diamonds is subjected to intense pressure and heat, causing the crystallization in the substance. Then, volcanic eruptions forcefully move the carbon closer to the earth’s surface, which causes quick cooling and solidifies…

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Are Diamonds Actually Unbreakable?

Diamonds are the hardest substance on earth. In fact, the word diamond comes from a Greek word that means unbreakable. But, though they are hard, are diamonds unbreakable? Technically, the answer is no. It is possible to break diamonds; otherwise it would be impossible to cut diamonds into the variety of shapes and sizes used…

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Are Diamonds Made of Coal?

We’ve all heard the old adage that diamonds are made of a lump of coal, but we may not really know if the saying is actually true. Diamonds are formed in the earth, through a process that scientists, even today, don’t completely understand. This process is very similar to the process that creates coal, which…

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Who Certifies Diamonds and How

A piece of diamond jewelry can be an important investment.  So, it’s a good idea to get a little education before you begin shopping to ensure you buy a piece that is high quality and beautiful. Understanding the diamond certification process including who certifies diamonds and how these are certified will help you choose wisely….

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