What Does My Diamond Grade Mean?

Like a house, a car, or a stock, diamonds are an investment. Whenever we invest our dollars into anything, we want to be certain that we are getting the value we paid for. That is why diamonds are graded. Like a snowflake, no two diamonds are the same. Each rock being its own unique entity makes…

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Are Diamond Rings an Investment?

There are plenty of arguments for and against whether diamond rings are an investment. The general consensus is that diamond rings are not an investment. In fact, there is plenty of argument and support to discredit the myth of a diamond being having any re-saleable value at all. What is an investment? Some believe that…

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Why Diamonds Have Different Colors

Who wouldn’t love some diamonds? Not only are they dainty jewelry, but they also signify wealth. That said they don’t come cheap. Currently, colored diamonds have increasingly become desirable and they are pocket-friendly. Begging the question, why do diamonds have different colors? 1. Natural Diamonds Diamonds in their purest and natural state appear transparent/colorless. The…

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How to Keep Your Diamonds Sparkling like a Professional

Do you remember the first time you fell in love with your diamond? It was at first sight, wasn’t it? Your diamond’s beauty just took your breath away as it glistened in the light! Since that fateful day, has your diamond lost a bit of its shine? Do you long to feel the way you…

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