What are Pave Diamond Rings?

Pavé diamond rings originate from the French word for paved and is pronounced “pah-vay”. In America, they are simply referred to as pave diamond rings. These are rings with accent diamonds in a row or multiple rows around a band that form a sparkling pattern. Accent diamond are tiny, simple cut diamonds that a can…

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How Diamond Rings Are Appraised?

Whether it is for insurance purposes or your own piece of mind, it is wise to get your diamond appraised. It is best practice to get an appraisal as soon as you purchase your diamond just in case your ring becomes damaged, lost, or stolen. An appraisal validates the value of your investment by assessing…

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What are Chocolate Diamond Rings?

Chocolate diamond rings have nothing to do with chocolate in case you were wondering. They are brown colored diamonds and a lower cost alternative to white diamonds. Since they are color treated, sellers can often get away with using lower quality diamonds. In general, chocolate diamond rings have less sparkle and brilliance. In the 1980s,…

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