Why are Baguette Diamonds so Expensive?

Baguette-shaped diamonds are great for accenting engagement rings! They have a classic, timeless design that is beautifully detailed. They are traditionally square or rectangle in shape and cut specifically to maximize their brilliance.

Baguettes diamonds are expensive for many reasons, from their rarity and celebrity endorsement to incredible craftsmanship that goes into making each stone. The main reason why baguette diamonds so expensive is because of how well they are cut. The baguette shape is extremely difficult to perfect, so if you see a baguette diamond that has been polished perfectly you can be sure its price is high.

I will be happy to share everything I know about baguette diamonds with you! I am going to teach you everything you need to know about what baguette diamonds are. Then I am going to compare the price of baguette diamonds with other types of diamonds. You will see that in most cases, an engagement ring made from a baguette diamond is just as affordable as one made from another type of diamond. However, the beauty and elegance you get for the price may just give you more than what you would expect.

So what exactly is a Baguette Diamond?

Baguette-cut diamonds are step cut diamonds with a long, rectangular shape. They are mainly used as side stones and come in small weights, usually less than one carat.

This diamond cut emerged in the early 20th century, reflecting the geometric styles popular in design and architecture during that era. Baguettes were first used in costume jewelry, but the simple, clean lines of the baguette cut and the ability to set them side by side with no gaps inspired jewelers to use them to make jewelry pieces. A baguette-cut diamond usually has only 14 facets, so it should be of high quality as its unique cut easily reveals any blemishes.

The main reason why these diamonds are so expensive is because of their shape. Baguette diamonds are naturally long and thin, which makes it very difficult for a diamond cutter to produce one of these specific shapes.

Baguette-shaped diamonds are often used as accent diamonds because they provide the sparkle of a round cut with the length and elegance of a marquise cut. They are also commonly seen in rings without a center stone, like wedding bands/rings and eternity rings.

Why are they called baguette diamonds?

Baguettes get their name from the French word “baguet”, which refers to the bread roll with a tapered end. The baguette diamond can also be compared to a spear or arrow because it is long, narrow, pointed at one end, and has an equally wide base at the other end. Because of the size and shape, they are commonly found in rings.

Working with Baguettes diamonds has long been the responsibility of only a few expert craftsmen known as “paveurs”. These artisans spend years learning the technique of working with gems before they can go on to specialize in this prestigious field.

Baguette diamonds have a very long history in jewelry making dating back to 18th century France when these types of stones were introduced by King Louis XVI for his new bride, Marie Antoinette.

What Cut Grade is Best for a Baguette Diamond?

There are several cut grades a baguette diamond can have. The most common two types of cut grades for these specific diamonds are either the Excellent or Very Good categories.

However, don’t let the names fool you! A Very Good or Excellent cut grade doesn’t mean that they aren’t high quality and pretty diamonds to look at. It only means that the diamond has very good and excellent qualities when it comes to its brilliance, fire, and scintillation.

The Very Good category is actually a better cut grade than an Excellent one because baguette diamonds with this specific grade have more brilliance and scintillation.

When looking to purchase a baguette-shaped diamond for your engagement ring, consider purchasing one that’s mounted on a ring with an ideal cut grade. This will give you more brilliance than other diamonds with lower cut grades.

How Much Does Baguette Diamond Cost?

You may be thinking that a baguette diamond is expensive and too costly for an engagement ring. However, don’t let the price tag make you wary of purchasing this diamond shape!

The cost, as usual, depends on the diamond’s size, cut, and other factors like color and clarity (see our guide on what to look for when buying diamonds). Some of the most popular sizes for engagement rings are from 1 to 3 carats. For a 1-carat baguette diamond, expect to spend around $1,500 to $3,000.

This may seem expensive, but when you look at the beauty and elegance of a baguette-shaped diamond, it is well worth the price. Especially since most other types of diamonds cost around this much for an engagement ring (with similar cut grades).

But what if you want something smaller? A baguette-cut diamond at 0.5 to 1 carats is considered a mid-range diamond that costs around $800 to $2,500.

Emerald Cut versus Baguette Cut Diamonds

Many people are aware of emerald cut diamonds, which have been popular for decades. However, it is possible that you haven’t heard of baguette-cut diamonds. Yet this diamond shape has some unique characteristics and a long history in the industry.

When comparing the two types of diamonds, it’s important to look at their overall characteristics.

Differences in Cut and Sparkle

Emerald cut diamonds are typically rectangular-shaped and possess many facets that reflect light in different directions. So emeralds can be very bright and sparkly because they allow a lot of light into the stone (which is also referred to as fire).

Baguette diamonds, on the other hand, are narrow and long. Many of them possess a more rectangular shape that is very similar to emeralds, although smaller in size. And both diamond shapes are usually well-cut for great brilliance and fire because of their high number of facets.

Of course, both diamonds are ideal for creating jewelry pieces that can sparkle and shine brilliantly.

Emerald Cut Diamond Costs versus Baguette Diamond Costs

Comparing the price between these two diamond cuts will show a definite difference in cost. Baguettes tend to cost less than emeralds because they contain fewer and smaller facets.

An emerald cut diamond costs around $2,800 for a 1 carat stone with a very good cut grade. And a baguette diamond costs around $1,500 for a 1 carat stone with an excellent cut grade.

Emeralds are more expensive because they require special cutting techniques when being made into diamonds. This requires extra time and effort during the diamond’s production process – which in turn increases the overall cost of the diamond.

Are Baguette Engagement Ring Settings Popular?

Baguette diamonds have become very popular in jewelry designs, especially with engagement ring settings.

Baguette engagement rings may be popular because of their unique shape or design. They can make a really beautiful statement piece on your finger that is not only stylish, but also trendy and modern. This is why many people love this ring setting style!

If you are looking for an engagement ring that is different from the traditional round cut, then consider buying a baguette diamond ring. This style of setting has a square shape which many people have shown to be an exciting and eye-catching option.

Baguette-cut diamonds are often combined with other types of diamond cuts in engagement rings. Many times, baguette diamonds will be set alongside round cut diamonds or a combination of round and pear-shaped stones.

In addition to being used as engagement ring stones, baguette diamond rings are also often given as anniversary gifts. It is common for a couple celebrating their 30th wedding anniversary to receive a diamond from their spouse.

Types of Baguette Ring Settings

Baguette diamond ring settings come in many different styles. This is one of the reasons that this style has become so popular. The shape can be used to add an interesting twist to solitaire engagement rings or other types of jewelry pieces. Here are the most popular styles of baguette ring settings:

Baguette and Round

This type of baguette ring setting uses both a baguette cut diamond in the center, as well as round-cut diamonds on either side. It is called a three stone ring, because there are three different shapes being used.

Sweetheart Baguettes

These types of settings feature heart shaped baguette diamonds. They are often used in place of the center diamond, or sometimes paired with round-cut stones.

Baguettes Alongside Other Diamonds

There are many engagement rings that will use baguette shaped diamonds around the outside edge of the ring setting. This type of style can be combined with different cuts to add interest

Halo Settings

One of the most common styles that has become very fashionable is a halo setting. This features a large center stone with smaller stones surrounding it. They are often used for engagement rings and wedding bands.

3-Stone Engagement Rings.

These are very traditional engagement ring styles that have a baguette diamond in the middle with two round cut diamonds on either side.

These rings are often set in platinum or white gold to enhance the sparkle from all three of these stones.

Channel Set Wedding Rings

These engagement rings are popular a lot of people because they are very affordable. They can be created by using a channel set design to hold multiple small stones in place.

Wedding Bands

Baguette diamond wedding rings also offer a classic and timeless style that is sophisticated but understated. Many people feel that these rings reflect their personality and lifestyle and they can add a great deal of character to a special occasion.

Baguette Eternity Rings

If you would like to add some additional character and sparkle to your eternity band, then consider buying a baguette diamond ring to wear alongside it. You can also choose an eternity band setting that includes baguette-shaped stones. Your spouse may start with the wedding band and then give you the baguette diamond ring for your anniversary.

10 Reasons to Buy a Baguette Diamond

Is a baguette diamond for you? Here are 10 reasons why you might like to wear a baguette diamond in your ring.

#1) Aesthetics – Baguettes provide solid sparkle due to its more prominent width of the diamond. In comparison, a round brilliant cut diamond is typically less sparkly because it is less prominent. But this doesn’t mean it’s necessarily less beautiful!

#2) Tradition – The baguette style has been popularized by numerous celebrities such as Beyonce, Rihanna, and Kim Kardashian to name a few. This has made the style very popular among non-celebrity women as well.

#3) Luxury – Baguettes are not just beautiful, but they also come with a price tag to match! Baguette cut diamonds can be quite expensive from their premium market value which makes it an excellent choice for luxury lovers or those that are looking to show off their wealth.

#4) Creative Designs – As the baguette diamond is more prominent, it has a larger surface area which allows for higher degree of detailing and creativity within the ring itself. From unique patterns on its band to different color combinations in the surrounding metal itself, there are many different ways you can design your baguette engagement ring.

#5) Different Style – With the growing popularity of the baguette diamond in recent years, we have seen an increase in options for brides and their wedding rings. From simple band designs to a full set with both engagement ring and wedding ring, there are many different ways you can incorporate this trend into your big day.

#6) Unique – What makes baguettes unique is that they are not common as traditional round-cut diamonds. This means that it’s unusual but also very beautiful to look at! Since it is different from most diamond ring styles, the item will definitely draw attention and will make your fiancé stand out among other brides-to-be with the classic engagement ring.

#7) Wide Variety – This style gives brides a variety of choices in terms of size, diamond quality, and design accents. You also have the option to choose from loose or set diamonds so you can purchase it separately if you prefer not to get it as an engagement ring at first and then add it to your wedding ring set later on!

#8) The Baguette’s Shape – It is a unique shape that looks very different from the traditional round brilliant cut diamond. Many brides-to-be are looking for something that is unusual and trendy. With the popularity of this diamond cutting style, it will stand out when compared to other engagement ring styles.

#9) Feminine Style – Unlike the traditional round brilliant cut diamond, baguette diamonds are more rectangular in shape and has a thinner profile. It is also somewhat smaller in comparison to a square or emerald-shaped diamond which makes it very feminine! Baguette cuts look especially beautiful on dainty fingers.

#10) Excellent Quality – The price of the baguette diamond is mainly determined by its quality. So, if you are in the market for a high-quality diamond that matches your unique style and taste, then this is the right cut of choice for you! It will not only look beautiful but also elegant on your finger because it sparkles, no matter what the occasion is.

Related Questions about Baguette Diamonds

What are some alternatives to baguette diamonds?

Some of the most common alternatives to baguette diamonds include cushion cut diamonds, emerald cut diamonds, princess cut diamonds, and oval shaped diamonds.

Do Baguette diamonds chip easily?

Baguette diamonds are just as durable as round-cut diamond in terms of chipping due to their hardness. The only difference with baguettes is that they have a higher tendency to develop cracks because the shape has more surface area and sharp corners so it’s better to take extra care when handling these types of diamonds.

How much do baguette diamonds cost?

The price of a baguette is mainly determined by its quality, size, and investment grade. On average, it usually ranges from $400 – $1000 per carat. The higher the quality, the more expensive it would be.

Do baguette cut diamonds sparkle?

Baguette cut diamonds sparkle just as much as any other diamond. Its shape may be different from the classic round cut, but it still has a high brilliance and fire that will impress you in the end!

What’s the difference between a diamond and a baguette?

Baguette cut diamonds are a special type of diamond that has an elongated rectangular shape. It is typically smaller in size than the classic round-cut and it may have different facets when compared to each other.

How can I make my baguette diamonds look bigger?

You can make your baguette diamonds look bigger by matching it with other smaller accent stones. You could also go for a ring that has an extended band to give the illusion of size, or just wear them alone without any other embellishments.

Do baguette cut diamonds have inclusions?

All diamond cuts will have inclusions but it is important to remember that they just become more visible when you move the diamonds around. Baguette diamonds are quite durable since they have a high amount of surface area which allows them to hide inclusions better.

What does baguette diamond mean?

Baguette diamond is a popular term used to describe an elongated rectangular-shaped diamond that has an extra unique look to it. It looks almost like an architectural element and can make you feel very elegant when worn on your finger!

What kind of setting is best for baguette cut diamonds?

For a more unique look, I like halo settings or pave settings. Halo settings are very popular for baguette diamonds since they will keep the diamond in place without making it look too large. For a more elegant look, you can choose from diamond pave ring settings since they will make your diamond appear as if it’s floating on top of the finger!

What’s the best way to clean my baguette diamond?

It is recommended to clean your baguette diamond after you wear it for a long period of time since it may get dirty. It is best to use a soft cloth and some mild soap or detergent that will not damage the color of the stone, then wipe it gently with some warm water so there will be no residue left behind.

Final Thoughts about Buying Baguette Diamonds

Baguettes are a great choice for those looking to buy a diamond engagement ring because they are so affordable. If you’re looking for a modern and popular choice of cut with more sparkle than round diamonds, then baguette diamonds are the way to go! In fact, these shapes have been known to increase even more sparkle than their well-known cousin, the emerald cut.

We hope this article has helped demystify some of the confusion around these beautiful diamonds! If not, don’t hesitate to contact us. We would love to help answer all of your questions or even connect you with someone from our expert team so they can guide you through finding exactly what is best for you.

Carl A. Jones, GIA GG

Carl A. Jones is a GIA Graduate Gemologist with over 20 years of experience in the diamond industry. He is an independent jewelry appraiser. He specializes in determining the value of diamonds and advising consumers on how to buy quality diamond jewelry.

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