Local Jewelry Store Checklist

Choosing a Local Jeweler

Just in the same way as appliances or cars, there is a certain lingo you got to follow when shopping for fine jewelry. Finding a good Jeweler is integral to this process as they are able to listen to what you want and walk you through the steps that you need to follow.

What advice do you have for picking an engagement ring?
If you’re thinking about getting married then congratulations on this momentous step. The only thing that can be said on this subject is much of what you already know – pick a jeweler that will give you what you and you’re significant other specifically ask for a price that is fair.

Before looking for a jeweler, what do I need to know?
You should have a good understanding of the industry terms like carat, color, clarity, and cut. Learning these terms are important because they help you quantify better what it is you or your loved one wants when it comes to jewelry.

Where should I start looking for a jeweler?
When it comes to local jewelers word-of-mouth is often the best way to go. Ask family and friends for their recommendations. Try not to be shy either, even people who just mere acquaintances like coworkers or that lady you wave to down the street can give good advice.

Is there any way I can do my own research on jewelers in my area?
For sure! The Internet is your friend when searching for just about anything and a local jeweler is no exception. Try social media websites to see if anyone has left any feedback. Also, try the Better Business Bureau website to siphon out any of those less than credible jewelers.

Should I be wary of chain stores?
While more locally owned and operated jewelers will be more personable, chain stores aren’t that bad either. They do have the advantage of being located in most major cities – this means that if you move you can always go back and deal with the same company for future purchases.

What should I look for in a local jeweler?

You should be able to find a person that you think you can have a relationship with. When picking an engagement ring or wedding band you should have a jeweler that will listen to you, can answer all your questions with in-depth knowledge, and is trustworthy.

What are some red flags I should look out for?
Bells and chimes should be going off in your head if you come across a jeweler that uses pushy sales tactics to make you feel you have to buy something out of your budget. The focus should be on your loved one and what you are able to afford.

What kind of services should a jeweler offer?
Aside from being knowledgeable on all things jewelry, a good jeweler should have a number of skills and services they offer. They should be able to resize or repair your jeweler if needed and be able to design custom pieces.

What other services should I look out for?
A good jeweler should be willing to back up their goods with basic jewel upkeep – think along the lines of an annual inspection, polishing, and plating. Some jewelers even offer a discount on repairs, one free resizing, and an appraisal service.

What do I need to know about certification and appraisal?

There are multiple third-party dealers that specifically measure the specifics of a diamond or jewel you are buying. The largest of these is the American Gem Society (AGS), International Gemological Institute (IGI), and Gemological Science International (GSI).

Should I be concerned about the warranty?
Absolutely. Just in the same way you shouldn’t purchase a car without a warranty, you shouldn’t purchase a ring without one either. Most jewelers include some sort of basic warranty plan into the price of the ring that covers basic inspections and a discount on repairs.

What about their showroom?
While you shouldn’t pick just based on what they have shown, a good jeweler will offer a wide selection of materials and designs in their showroom. Gold should be present, but also other metal like platinum, silver, or a simple titanium.

What is this about a gemologist?

Having an in-house gemologist is incredibly useful. These experts are able to help you pin down exactly what you want to get in an engagement ring or wedding band within your budget. They will be able to educate you on 4Cs and even show you pieces under a microscope.

Is there anything else I should know?
Picking a great local jeweler for you and your loved one can be an exciting experience. When looking around make sure you have someone who is reputable, sells only certified products, can answer your questions with authoritative knowledge and listens to your wants and needs.