What Are Orange Diamond Rings?

0.87Cts Orange Diamond Engagement Halo Ring Set in 18K White Yellow Gold GIA Size 6

Have you ever heard of an orange diamond? Well, it is true. There is such a thing! Orange diamonds are actually famous. Below is a ton of information about orange diamonds.

If you want to know where they get their color from and how much they are worth, then keep reading.

Is There Such Thing as A Real Orange Diamond?

While there is a lot of artificially colored orange diamonds they can indeed occur naturally. Sometimes white or clear diamonds can be made to have different colors such as pink, orange, green, or brown.

1.4Cts Orange Diamond Engagement Solitaire Ring Set in 18K Rose Gold GIA Cert Size 6

However, these colored diamonds can occur naturally without having to be created to be another color.

Where Are Orange Diamonds Found?

Orange diamonds are found in mines. One of the most famous mines is the Argyle Mine in Australia. The Argyle Mine in Australia has a lot of diamonds come from every year. In those batch of diamonds is the orange diamond that occurs naturally.

1.07Cts Fancy Deep Yellow Orange Loose Diamond Natural Color Cushion Cut GIA

While the Argyle Mine in Australia is popular for finding diamonds, there is a mine in South Africa that also finds all kinds of colored diamonds including orange diamonds. More information can be found about the Argyle at mining-technology.com.

How Does the Orange Diamond Get Its Color?

While all diamonds start off as a white or clear diamond, the color will change due to certain factors. Some diamonds get their color due to trace amounts of boron or how the light is absorbed. However, an orange diamond gets its color from nitrogen in the area where the diamond was forming including absorbing yellow and blue light into the diamond.

0.79 Carat Fancy Vivid Orange Loose Diamond Natural Color Radiant Cut GIA Cert

Orange diamonds are actually a combination of yellow and red. A shade of yellow and orange is known as a Saffron Diamond. There are also other colors involved that make the orange diamond vivid in color. More information on how orange diamonds get their color can be found at leibish.com.

Is an Orange Diamond Rare?

Orange diamonds are considered one of the rarest diamonds to find. This can make them a lot more expensive than other colorless or colored diamonds. However, orange diamonds are not the rarest. While they are considered one of the rarest, pink, blue, red, and violet are amongst the rarest.

0.87Cts Orange Diamond Engagement Halo Ring Set in 18K White Yellow Gold GIA Size 6

This YouTube video can provide more information on how rare orange and other colored diamonds are.

Are Orange Diamonds Famous?

There are some very famous orange diamonds. The Pumpkin Diamond is among one of the most famous orange diamonds. The Pumpkin Diamond is from South Africa and comes in a whopping 5.54 carats. It is considered one of the largest orange diamonds according to The Gemological Institute of America.

The Orange:

The Orange is a very famous orange diamond also. It comes in at 14.82 carats. The Orange has a pear shape with a very vivid orange appearance. It was auctioned off at $36 million.  The Orange diamond is also famous for being the most vivid orange diamond.

More information on The Orange diamond can be found at www.internetstones.com.

The Namakwa Diamond:

This famous diamond goes for over a million dollars. It is a 7.53-carat diamond. The Namakwa Diamond comes from a mine in South Africa.

How Much Does an Orange Diamond Cost?

Just by reading the information above, orange diamonds can cost a very pretty penny. Orange diamonds have been sold for millions of dollars. However, there are orange diamonds that do not cost millions of dollars. Those, of course, are not famous orange diamonds.

0.55Cts Orange Diamond Side Stone Ring Set in 18K White Gold GIA Certificate Size 5.50

The average price of an orange diamond is around $600-$12,000. This, of course, all depends on the rating of the diamond, the cut, and what kind of setting hat the orange diamond is placed in.

What Kind of Setting Does an Orange Diamond Come In?

Just like clear diamonds, orange diamonds can be placed in any kind of setting. Jewelers can create a beautiful setting for engagement rings to tennis bracelets, and much more. There are several different kinds of cuts of orange diamonds too. Depending on what a person is looking for, a jewelry setting can be created.

0.58Cts Fancy Deep Yellow Orange Loose Diamond Natural Color Round Cut GIA Cert

Other colored diamonds including diamonds without color can be placed in an arrangement to create a stunning piece of jewelry. This can range from many different prices.

Different Shades of Orange.

Not all orange diamonds are the same in contrast. Some orange diamonds can even have such a light color of orange that they appear to be yellow in color. The Gemological Institute of America grades all colors of diamonds on a scale. The higher the rating for orange diamonds, the more vivid orange it will appear.

What to Do When Shopping for An Orange Diamond.

When looking to purchase orange diamonds it is important to talk to the jeweler about what you are looking for. If looking for a natural orange diamond it is important to inform if the diamond has been enhanced.

Carl A. Jones, GIA GG

Carl A. Jones is a GIA Graduate Gemologist with over 20 years of experience in the diamond industry. He is an independent jewelry appraiser. He specializes in determining the value of diamonds and advising consumers on how to buy quality diamond jewelry.

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