The Best Earrings for a Round Face Shape

Who hasn’t picked a haircut complement their face shape? While your hairstyle is suited for the shape of your face, what about your earrings? Not all earrings go with every face. The right pair of earrings will enhance your natural beauty. But the wrong earring style for your face shape will do you no favors. As someone with a round face shape, your best options are chandelier, drop, threader, and tassel earrings. Keep reading and I’ll guide you through finding and choosing the best earrings for round faces and show you which styles to avoid.

Characteristics of a Round Face

Before we take a deep dive into earrings, let’s identify the characteristics of a round face:

  • The widest part of your face is your cheekbones.
  • Your cheeks do not taper towards your chin.
  • Your chin line is rounded.

If this describes you, your face is perfectly round. We have the best earring styles to help balance your roundness.

Best Earrings for a Round Face Shapes

Having a round face does not limit your earring style options. Style icons Emma Stone, Mila Kunis, and Michelle Williams have round faces and always light up red carpets. With a round face, you will likely want to offset its roundness. Long, dangling earrings will help elongate your face. The best earring styles for round faces are:

Chandelier (link): These elaborate dangle earrings resemble ornate chandeliers. Featuring layers of adornments and gem accents, chandelier earrings add serious dimension to any round face.

Drop (link): Think of drop earrings as a streamlined version of chandeliers. Drop earrings are a perfect choice for round faces with their elongated style and subtle adornments.

Threader (link): This punk-inspired style has a thin metal chain that threads through your piercing.  Threader earrings offer a sleek and daring design as the chain dangles both sides of your ear.

Tassel (link): Tassel earrings come in plenty of styles, but earring lovers with round faces should wear drop inspired tassels. Wear tassel earrings with long, straight threads for a fun and modern option.


Worst Earrings for A Round Face Shapes

Fashion has no hard rules, but if you have a round face, there are certain styles you should avoid. Skip earrings with circular designs. Earrings like these will further accentuate your round features.  We recommend avoiding the following earrings for your face:

  • Round Studs
  • Pearl Studs
  • Halos
  • Hoops
  • Huggies
  • Teardrops
  • Barbells
  • Plugs


Final Thoughts

There is no greater feeling than finding an accessory that perfectly suits you. Remember to choose long earrings or dangle earrings for round faces. You can easily add some edge to your soft face with chandelier, drop, threader, and tassel earrings. Whether you want to look your best on date night, job interview, or just for you, we are sure that you will love these earring styles.

Carl Jones

Carl A. Jones is a GIA Graduate Gemologist (GIA GG) and the lead writer behind the Diamond Insider. He specializes in writing about tips, reviews, and advice for buying Diamond Jewelry. He has decades of experience and a wealth of knowledge about diamonds, and he is here to share that knowledge with you.

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