What Diamonds Does Rolex Use?

What Diamonds Does Rolex Use

A Rolex timepiece is a significant investment. So many consumers choose to fully investigate how the watches are made and the materials used before making such a large purchase. One of the questions most often asked is, “What diamonds does Rolex use?” since the diamonds contribute both to the look and the value of the watch.

Rolex Doesn’t Cut Corners

Each aspect of a Rolex watch is carefully crafted. In fact, it takes nearly one year to make a Rolex from start to finish. Each part of the process is completed in house. Some parts of the manufacturing process are completed by hand, while others are completed by machine. Rolex has taken great pains to determine which steps in the process are best performed by humans and has left those steps to be completed just as they were 50 years ago. A big part of the reason a Rolex is so pricey is the precision with which the watches are made.

Materials are another important aspect of what makes a Rolex so valuable. Rolex watches are made from 904L steel, which is a type of steel not used by other watch manufacturers. Rolex uses this steel, even though it is more expensive and more difficult to work with for three reasons:

  • 904L Steel is harder than other steels, so it makes the watch more durable.
  • 904L Steel is more rust and corrosion resistant than other steel.
  • 904L Steel takes and holds polish better than any other steel.

Rolex is a significant manufacturer of dive watches in addition to its line of dress watches. Each Rolex dive watch is air pressure tested first, which is the common standard for testing dive watches. However, Rolex goes a step further. After its dive watches are air pressure tested, these are also water pressure tested by immersing each one individually to ensure water resistance to 300 meters.

No Corners are Cut in What Diamonds Rolex Uses


Just as in the manufacturing process and the steel used to create a Rolex, the diamonds used are the best, as well. Rolex employs a large number of gemologists and jewelers. Their gemologists source, buy and test each and every diamond that goes into a watch. Every single diamond is individually tested to ensure that it is real.

The standards in the diamonds Rolex uses are incredibly high. Only diamonds that are at least IF in clarity are used and only diamonds that are between D and G in color are used. These standards include only the four highest grades of color.

Rolex uses its own jewelers to set the diamonds in its watches. Each diamond is individually chosen and set for a particular watch. Many of Rolex’s most exclusive watches offer custom settings, meaning that no two exclusive watches are alike.

A Rolex watch costs thousands more than other high end watch brands. Yet, sales for Rolexes stay high year after year. Many people dream of owning a Rolex for its beauty, originality and prestige. One thing is certain: if you purchase a Rolex watch, it is the last watch you’ll ever need to buy.

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