Which Diamonds Sparkle the Most?

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If you’ve ever purchased diamond jewelry, you’ve likely heard of the “four c’s” of diamonds. These four “c’s” refer to carat weight, cut, clarity, and color. All of these factors are important to determining the quality of a diamond, but do you know which makes the diamond sparkle the most?

A diamond’s sparkle is primarily affected by the grade of the cut. When we think of cut, we generally think of the shape of the stone, such as Emerald, Brilliant, Princess, etc. But, there are grades of cut, as well.

Properly cutting a diamond ensures the best light performance. Simply put, when a diamond is properly cut, no light leaks out of the bottom or sides of the stone. Light emanating only from the top is what ensures that brilliant sparkle. To create this effect, a diamond cutter must cut the stone with the correct proportions. Some diamonds, therefore, are best suited to certain cuts (shapes). A diamond cut to the proper shape and proportion will get a higher grade.

Does Cut Affect Cost?

You will spend more money for a diamond with a great cut. Essentially, diamonds come in three cut grades. These are deep cut, shallow cut and ideal cut. Deep cut diamonds are those that are cut too deep, allowing light to escape. These diamonds have often been cut for maximum weight, rather than maximum beauty.

Shallow cut diamonds are cut to appear larger, and lack brilliance because of this. Ideal cut diamonds are the ones that sparkle the most because no matter where light enters the diamond, it comes out of the top. These diamonds are cut for beauty and brilliance, rather than size or weight.

Does Clarity Determine Which Diamonds Sparkle the Most?

Clarity also affects the sparkle of a diamond. The clarity of a diamond refers to inclusions, which are internal imperfections and blemishes, which are external imperfections. The fewer imperfections, the higher the clarity grade. Imperfections do affect the brilliance of a diamond, but not as much as cut grade.

How Do I Get the Best Overall Diamond?

Before shopping for a diamond, set a budget. Then, you can narrow down your choices when shopping. Many people consider only the carat weight, color and clarity of their diamond. However, for the most beautiful diamond, consider the cut grade, as well. Work with a jeweler who can help you find a combination of the best cut, clarity and color you can afford. It’s important to remember that buying a very large diamond that is dull and lifeless will not give you nearly as beautiful a ring as buying a smaller but more brilliant diamond.

Choosing a diamond that is high quality in all areas will ensure you have the diamond that sparkles the most for your budget. A diamond ring is often one of the most treasured pieces of a woman’s jewelry wardrobe, so it should be chosen with care. Remembering all four of the “c’s of diamonds” will help ensure you buy a diamond that will be worn over and over again.

Carl Jones

Carl has been involved in the jewelry business since his youth. Growing up in South Africa his parents were jewelers who worked in the industry for decades.

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