Can Guys Wear Diamond Rings?

Diamond rings often bring up images of gorgeous big rings that women get to wear. While quite a few diamonds have been put into promise, engagement, and wedding rings for women, this does not mean that men have to be left out. Many wonder if there are many diamond rings that men can wear and if it is even fashionable for men to wear a ring with a diamond in it.

Yes, men can wear diamond rings. There are some very stylish diamond rings designed specifically for men that can look amazing. Many of these are found in the traditional wedding band that a man will wear, but there are also some other options, including signet rings, that will include diamonds for men to wear.

Let’s take a closer look at some of the different types of diamond rings that men can wear and which style may suit you the best if you do choose to forgo the plain ring and choose something that has a diamond in it.

Types of Diamond Rings for Men

There are several different types of diamond rings that men can wear. They will look slightly different than the diamond rings that women will wear, but this is to be expected. This does not make them any less valuable, or classy, compared to other diamond rings.

Some of the two best diamond rings available for men include:

Wedding Diamond Rings for Men

This is the most common place where you will find a diamond for men. And it is a great piece of jewelry that most men are happy to wear. This simple ring shows the commitment that you have for your loved one and it is not uncommon at all for men to choose a ring that has one or more diamonds inside of it. And since the diamond represents love and strength, what could be more amazing than that?

manly diamond wedding band
Here’s a Manly Diamond Wedding Band

The neat thing is there are a lot of shapes and sizes for the diamonds that come in these wedding bands. If you are worried about losing the diamond or how the diamond is going to look on a male wedding band, there are plenty of understated options that have one or two small diamonds so you can still get that into the ring without having it be too pronounced.

Some wedding diamond rings for men will have one large diamond, similar to the solitaire ring. Others may have a cluster of diamonds, though most men prefer something that can be a little sturdier and rougher. Black diamond rings are popular as well.

Most men wedding diamond rings will have an angular or square diamond cut in them because it looks a little bit more manly than some of the other cuts.

If you work with your hands a lot, we recommend getting a Flush setting or Channel Setting. Both of those setting keep the diamonds nestled in the band, so they don’t protrude and get caught on things.

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Signet Rings for Men

While the diamond wedding ring is a trend that is taking off and can make it easy for a man to have a diamond, the signet ring is another choice. The signet ring is recognized as one of the oldest pieces of jewelry for men. The ring will have a round and flat part on top with some kind of engraving. In the past, this was used to make a print inside wax to sign or seal an important document, which is why it was worn by those with wealth and power.

Engravable Signet Ring
Engravable Signet Ring

Today, the signet ring is not used as a seal, but can still be important. Instead of an engraving, it is becoming more popular for a precious stone to be placed in the top. Sometimes, if the ring is more of an heirloom, then the family crest will be in it. You can easily get a signet ring if you would like and add in a small cluster of diamonds, or sometimes even multiple rows of diamonds, to give it a classic look.

This kind of ring allows for a little more freedom with the design. You can use smaller diamonds to give it the look that you want, without having to worry about it being too flashy. These rings are often not worn from day to day because they are fancier and have more precious stones on it than other options, but they are still a good option to go with for those nights on the town.

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While it may be more common for us to think about a gorgeous woman’s ring when we hear about diamond rings, there are a lot of classy rings that have diamonds in them for men as well. You may need to shop around a bit to find the right style and the right type of diamond. But there is no reason why a man can’t have a nice diamond ring, whether it is a signet ring or a new diamond wedding band for the man. They can look nice and classy when they are done right.

Carl A. Jones, GIA GG

Carl A. Jones is a GIA Graduate Gemologist with over 20 years of experience in the diamond industry. He is an independent jewelry appraiser. He specializes in determining the value of diamonds and advising consumers on how to buy quality diamond jewelry.

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