What is a Triangle Cut Diamond?


The triangle cut diamond might be a cut that you haven’t heard of or one that you may be curious to learn more about. What makes this diamond so special? And what are some of its enchanting characteristics?

A triangle cut diamond is a three-point shape as its name implies. They have a very modern contemporary look and angular shape with equilateral straight smooth edges and sides.

Triangle cuts are not to be confused with the trillion cut which has slightly more curved edges and significantly more facets. Continue reading to learn more.

What makes the Triangle Cut Diamond so Unique?

The most unique element of the unusual triangle cut diamond is their angular shape and how it looks so stunning all alone in a setting. They also have a beautiful brightness to them which allows them to hide flaws and inclusions effortlessly.

A simple triangle cut is highly unique and definitely for that special someone who wants something very different and momentous. They look especially nice as a center stone where they can catch the most attention. They can be cut with straight sides or the sides can be slightly bowed outwards and this really just depends on the size and nature of the rough original stone.

Triangle cut diamonds are certainly mysterious which adds to their aloof charm. They are very glamorous and yet can be quite thrifty.

Pros and Cons of the Triangle Diamond Cut?

There are certainly some factors to bear in mind when choosing this special cut. Be aware that this unique cut is more susceptible to bumps and other impacts which can cause damage. The corners on these stones are specifically fragile and delicate.

Triangle cuts are one of the world’s rarest diamond cuts, so that makes them very special and what gives them their appeal.

Triangle cuts can be rather complicated to place into standard settings compared to other diamond shapes like the princess cut. Plus the sharp edges can easily chip if you’re not careful. It would also be wise to take into consideration that since the cut is shallower just a little bit of dust can really lower the sparkle.

This cut is very elegant though and is very economical for the size you can purchase.



  • It’s more susceptible to chipping
  • Limited brilliance since it has less depth
  • Not many setting options

How much do Triangle Cut Diamonds Cost?

Because of their shallow pavilions, triangle cut diamonds actually look bigger for certain carat sizes. This gives you a great economical advantage if your budget won’t stretch.

If you can’t afford the certain carat size that you have always wanted, choosing a shape that appears larger will help. Triangle cut diamonds can start as low as $150 which is certainly economical and practical.

Triangle cut diamonds are not the most expensive diamond out there and make for a great contender when trying to choose what stone suits you best.

What is the Best Setting for a Triangle Cut Diamond?

When picking your triangle cut diamond, make certain that all three corners are carefully encased in 3 V-shaped prongs. This will prevent and greatly reduce the possibility of the corners chipping. It is also imperative to assess the depth of the diamond because this is going to alter how shiny and fiery it will be.

The triangle cut diamond looks extremely beautiful on its own so that its unique beauty can be showcased. However, it can also be used as matching side stones to an oval or cushion cut diamond.

A flat triangle cut looks much bigger than what you might expect given their carat size so keep that in mind when picking out your stone. You will really want to pay close attention to the mm size measurements.

There truly is so much to consider and factor in when deciding what diamond will be best for you or that someone special. It is clear that the enchanting triangle-shaped diamond is certainly a piece for the brave at heart and that special someone that wants an unusual one of a kind jewelry piece. If you are seeking this beautiful stone you have great taste!

Carl A. Jones, GIA GG

Carl A. Jones is a GIA Graduate Gemologist with over 20 years of experience in the diamond industry. He is an independent jewelry appraiser. He specializes in determining the value of diamonds and advising consumers on how to buy quality diamond jewelry.

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