Which Diamonds are the Best to Buy?

When it comes to buying diamonds, the best ones are typically those that have high clarity, color, and cut grade. These factors determine the overall quality and value of a diamond. This guide will recommend the best types of diamonds to invest in.

The best diamonds to buy include the following:

Certified Diamonds

Certified diamonds are more expensive than the un-certified ones due to certification costs. The certifications give the actual physical attributes of the rock, therefore, you don’t have to rely on the seller’s words. The accurate values of the 4Cs are given and this is done by recognized third parties. Which Diamonds are Certified?

The GIA and AGS certificates are more preferred since they are trusted and rarely show inconsistent results. Other certificates have been seen to be faulty in a number of occasions making them less reliable. Unless you are a diamond expert, the certified diamonds are the best diamonds to buy.

Non-Conflict Diamonds

The issue of blood diamonds is a common problem affecting the trade. The money gotten from diamonds from countries such as Angola and Sierra Leone has been used by corrupt leaders to fund civil wars, human rights violations, and other war crimes. You do not want your money to fuel conflicts elsewhere hence the diamond from verified sources are more preferred.

The Kimberlite process has greatly reduced this trade but the forging of laser inscriptions and certificates has made the trade possible for some rogue dealers. The Canadian diamonds from recognized Canadian diamond dealers have been found to be authentic and free from conflict. They are the best to buy but this does not disqualify the others. However, it is very difficult to tell the difference between a conflict diamond and a conflict-free diamond.

High-Quality 4C’s

The 4Cs include:

They are the main determinants of the value and the quality of the diamond. Nobody wants to buy a low-quality rock so one should go for the best that his or her money can afford.

The cut is the most vital consideration since it determines the sparkle of the diamond. The high-grade cuts are the best to buy since they guarantee maximum beauty. The Excellent, Very Good and Good cuts are the best whereas the Fair and Poor should be avoided like a plague.

The colorless diamonds graded as ‘D’ are the best quality and the grades go up to Z getting more brownish. However, you do not have to buy the D grade since it may be very expensive. The D-H grades may look similar to the naked eye hence a G or H can save you some money.

The clarity is not very essential since you may need a hand lens to notice the difference. However, it will reflect in the price. This is the factor that you can compromise on to save some money.

Lastly, the carats greatly determine the price. The carats matter a lot hence you should buy diamond of a significant weight. Nonetheless, a 0.5 difference would not make a big difference hence you can use this to save some money.

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Carl A. Jones, GIA GG

Carl A. Jones is a GIA Graduate Gemologist with over 20 years of experience in the diamond industry. He is an independent jewelry appraiser. He specializes in determining the value of diamonds and advising consumers on how to buy quality diamond jewelry.

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