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Why Diamonds Are a Girl’s Best Friend

Why Diamonds Are a Girl’s Best Friend

You have probably heard it said a million times “diamonds are a girl’s best friend”. Rightly so, every woman would love to receive her first diamond or add on to her collection. In a woman’s ownership, a diamond can do a lot, but it doesn’t define a woman’s worth.

1. They Symbolize Love

A popular advertisement has it that ‘a diamond is forever,’ against the backdrop of a woman lovingly embraced by a man. Diamonds have always been associated with love, as much as they are associated with wealth.

Give a woman a ring and it proves that you really do love her. Give a woman a diamond ring and it’s a life-long promise that she will stay by your side. If you are willing to go out of your way and spend a lot on her, she will live to devote herself to you. It also gives a strong message that you will be able to take care of her and your children in the long run.

2. They are Romantic

From advertisements, movies, music videos and pretty much everywhere a woman turns she is bound to see diamonds. For rare gems, they seem to be all over except for her jewelry box. Give a girl a diamond and you are making her dreams come true.

Diamonds have been romanticized and girls grow up dreaming about that first diamond they’ll own. For most, it is an engagement ring and when it comes in the form of just about any jewelry, you’ve won her heart.

3. They Last Forever

It is a nerve wrecking process trying to find the perfect gift for a girlfriend, wife or daughter. Ask any woman who has ever gotten a diamond as a gift and they’ll say it’s the best gift they’ve ever gotten. You can never go wrong with diamonds they make perfect gifts for every occasion.

There is nothing like having too much of diamonds, and if anything there is yet to be a woman who complained about receiving too many diamonds as gifts. With diamonds as gifts, the key is always to scale it up and gift a bigger diamond than the last or to lay it all out there an expensive diamond than the last.

4. They Hold Memories

To get to the materialist connotation of the statement that ‘diamonds are a girl’s best friend,’ yes every girl wants to know that she will leave her children some heirlooms. What better heirlooms to leave your children than valuable diamonds?

A girl will accumulate as many diamonds as she possibly can and they aren’t meant to sit pretty in her jewelry box. Diamond pieces are not only ‘occasional wear’ pieces for a woman, but they are part of the legacy she wants to leave to her children.

There you have it, 4 reasons why diamonds are a girl’s best friend. Whether you still believe it to mean that women will always be materialistic, bottom line is that a diamond has a direct reflection on the person gifting it as well.

Carl Jones

Carl A. Jones is a GIA Graduate Gemologist (GIA GG) and the lead writer behind the Diamond Insider. He specializes in writing about tips, reviews, and advice for buying Diamond Jewelry. He has decades of experience and a wealth of knowledge about diamonds, and he is here to share that knowledge with you.

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