What is a Floating Diamond Engagement Ring Setting?

A magical look with elegance is the hallmark of a floating diamond engagement ring setting. It’s quite distinctive. And it’s also the perfect way to show off a quality gemstone.

A floating diamond engagement ring gives the appearance that the stone is elevated in the setting. It gives the impression that air is holding it up rather than a bezel or prongs.

There are a lot of choices when it comes to choosing your engagement ring setting. We’ll take a look at the floating diamond setting and discuss if it’ll make the perfect ring for you.

The Floating Setting Defined

In the floating setting, the gemstone is suspended. It gives the appearance of the diamond floating. You don’t have the bezels or prongs interfering with the look. The appearance of claws and clasps are abandoned when it comes to this open and elevated setting.

The claws usually used to secure a diamond are hidden. A tension setting may also be used to create the floating illusion.

New and Contemporary Floating Setting

It’s been only recently that tempered alloys have been developed. These alloys are strong enough to hold a gemstone without damaging the stone.

Is the Floating Engagement Ring Setting Right for You?

Today’s bride wants simple. Elaborate rings don’t always fit into today’s hectic lifestyle or look. The floating engagement setting is a simple and classic ring. It highlights the diamond and only the diamond. The floating setting allows you to personalize your ring.

Because a jeweler needs to customize your ring, you know you’ll have a one-of-a-kind setting. If that’s important to you, this is your engagement ring.

But be warned, this setting isn’t the best for those who lead a physical lifestyle. If you work with your hands a lot, you might want to consider another setting. If you still want this style, be prepared to take it on and off a lot.

Different Types of Floating Ring Settings

Floating settings come in several styles. This makes customization even easier. Some of these styles piggyback off of other settings. The different styles include:

  • Floating Arches
  • Tension Settings
  • Open Bezels
  • Bar Settings
  • Bypass
  • Split Shank

Floating Arches Create an Ornate Design

These are usually found in eternity rings. This is an elevated setting. The gemstone floats on arches. The arches are a basket shape that is like a bridge. The height of the setting accentuates the stone.

The Simple Tension Setting is Always a Favorite

Using compression, the stone is held in the setting between the two halves of the ring. The compression is caused by the metal’s tension. The result is a ring that is both sleek and modern.

Open Bezels Create an Airey Feeling

An open base allows the gemstone to suspend above the ring. These must be carefully designed to create this look. The band needs to be thicker than most because of the strength needed to hold the stone. The open bezel look is divine and rich.

Beautiful Symmetry is the Result of the Bar Setting

The bar setting is often found in eternity rings. It has a piece of metal in the shape of a bar. This bar holds the stones firmly in place. Besides eternity rings, the bar setting is also used in the traditional 3-diamond setting.

The center stone on a bar setting is held tightly. This setting separates the main diamond from the accent stones.

The Perpendicular Setting Gives the Bypass a Unique Look

Most settings have two sides of the ring centered on the main gemstone. The bypass switches things up in an attractive manner. The two sides pass the stone and grip perpendicular. In other words, it’s not parallel to the finger but straight up and down.

The setting is identified by bands that overlap instead of creating a continuous line.  An expert designer can truly make this a showpiece. The illusion it creates is out of this world.

The bypass setting became popular during the Victorian era.

Split Shank Elevates Above the Band

In this version, the stone isn’t connected to the sides of the band. Instead, it hugs the sides of the diamond. The look is ethereal.

What Diamond Shape Works Best with a Floating Setting

Just about any shape works with a floating setting. But we like the round and princess shapes the most. Regardless of what cut or shape you go with, you want it to be a high-quality diamond. With a floating setting, there’s no room for imagination when it comes to seeing your stone.

The diamond will always be front and center in a floating setting.

The Pros of Wearing a Floating Setting Engagement Ring

There are several advantages to having a floating setting adorn your finger. They include:

  • Bigger stone
  • Valuable
  • Easy to Clean

Make Your Small Diamond Pop

A floating setting creates the illusion that your center stone is larger than reality. It’s a great technique to enhance a small stone. Every inch of the diamond is shown off. The stone, not the metal, is the focal point.

If you have the perfect diamond, but it’s not the largest, the floating setting may just be the setting for you.

Holds Its Value Over the Years

This is a difficult ring to make. A designer and jeweler must put a lot of time into creating this setting. From Preparing the stones to the base structure, extensive work is put into a floating setting.

Because of the amount of time to create, these settings are much more valuable and distinct than others. This culminates into a beautiful and unique ring.

Cleaning is a Breeze

The floating setting is easy to keep clean. Just use soapy water. After wiping it down, buff it with a soft cloth. Your ring will be shiny and look like new.

The Cons of the Floating Setting Engagement Ring

The floating setting design is gorgeous, but it does have some drawbacks. Some of these include:

  • Maintenance
  • Durability Issues
  • Resizing
  • Jeweler’s Competence

Overall Maintenance Takes Commitment

This is a complex setting. Your stones should be checked by a jeweler periodically. Because the stones have such a unique setting, it’s possible they could loosen. If you don’t properly maintain your ring, you could lose a stone.

Durability Issues are Possible

If you go with a floating setting, be sure to remove your ring before performing any activities that are hard on your hand. There’s the possibility that a stone could be bumped out of place or be lost.

Resizing is Difficult with the Floating Setting

Because the basic framework must be modified, resizing is difficult. This is important to keep in mind. When people age, their finger size can change.

Need to Find a Competent Jeweler

We mentioned this as a pro, but it can also be a con. You need a competent jeweler that guarantees their work. This is fine jewelry at its finest. It not only takes a lot to create, but the maintenance is continuous. Find a jeweler who comes with references and experience.

Keep in mind the competency of the jeweler is also reflected in the initial cost of the ring. The floating setting is expensive.

How Does the Floating Setting Stack Up to Other Settings

For all intents and purposes, the floating setting is a new look. It has everything to make a diamond pop, but it does lack in durability. The prong setting has more metal that interferes with the look of the stone. But the prong gives a lot more security to your center stone.

The elaborate halo setting doesn’t have the simplicity of the floating setting, and it also doesn’t have that unique floating look. But the halo does securely hold the center stone.

The biggest drawback when comparing the floating setting to other settings is durability. It’s a commitment to own a floating setting.

What to Look for When Shopping for a Floating Setting Engagement Ring

Look for an exceptional diamond. It doesn’t have to be the largest carat, but it must be free from imperfections. Look for clarity and color. Remember, your diamond is going to be the focal point. There’s no hiding a flaw.

The setting shouldn’t have any skews or twists. You don’t want it to become loose. Make sure the stone is elevated enough to avoid rubbing against your finger. It should have guards to prevent this.

The Floating Setting Ethereal and Other Worldly

The floating setting diamond engagement ring has a sleek and contemporary look. It can be customized to emphasize your unique look and style. This is your forever ring. Let it make a statement.

Carl A. Jones, GIA GG

Carl A. Jones is a GIA Graduate Gemologist with over 20 years of experience in the diamond industry. He is an independent jewelry appraiser. He specializes in determining the value of diamonds and advising consumers on how to buy quality diamond jewelry.

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