The Best Faux Diamonds That Look Real

The best faux diamonds that look real are typically made from high-quality materials like cubic zirconia or moissanite. These stones closely resemble real diamonds in terms of brilliance and clarity.

The Best Faux Diamonds That Have a Realistic Appearance

Before exploring these fake diamonds what qualifies as a fake diamond anyway? Well, basically a fake or “faux diamond” is a stone that looks like a real diamond just made of a different material. They can be referred to as both fake or a “faux diamond” for their close resemblance to genuine diamonds. You may also see them referenced as American diamonds.

These fake diamonds are close to the real deal and their appearance, some are almost as hard as real diamonds. In fact, most of the time these faux diamonds often have zero flaws as well.

It is important to note however that faux diamonds, simulated, fake, whatever term you use is not confused with artificial or lab-created diamonds. The difference is that both artificial or lab-created are composed of the same as real diamonds. So there really is a difference.

These are the best fake diamonds:

  • Moissanite
  • Cubic Zirconia
  • White Sapphire

Each one has some differences that set them apart from both real diamonds and each other. Next, we will move on to the moissanite stone and dig into that beautiful stone.

What Is Moissanite?

Moissanites are beautiful stones indeed. They imitate diamonds so closely they almost match them in hardness. Moissanite is a 9.5 on the Mohs scale. To put this in perspective a diamond is a 10.

Their hardness helps protect the stone as well as appear as if it is a real diamond. All moissanite stones are lab-created so they typically will have no flaws. Moissanites will also have the white color most are looking for in a fake diamond.

How can you tell if it’s Moissanite?

What gives moissanite away is its sparkle. They have a very colorful scintillation which is a reference to how brilliant diamonds and fake diamonds can shine. They truly are brilliant beautiful stones that will fool almost everyone aside from diamond experts and jewelers.

How much is Moissanite?

Moissanite is not only known for its shine but also it’s better price. Diamonds cost thousands of dollars. A price point many cannot afford or do not want to. With moissanite the best of both worlds is achievable.

Take a look at this moissanite ring versus this diamond ring. Both are incredibly beautiful but their beauty is made all the better when the ring you want is as close to the real deal as possible and affordable. Thousands of dollars can be saved by going the lab-created route.

Another comparison to really show how moissanite is a more affordable option. Moissanite earrings and their diamond equivalents. The savings can and will be enormous, without the sacrifice of brilliance and most of all durability.

For some though even moissanite can be a bit pricey. For all the beauty, moissanite still costs several hundred dollars. Moving on to another option is cubic zirconia, a known stone for its inexpensiveness and still incredible beauty.

Pros of Moissanite

  • Hardness- Moissanite is almost as strong as diamonds
  • Shiny- Moissanite also can sparkle just like real diamonds
  • Cheaper- Rather than cost thousands moissanite cost hundreds

Cons of Moissanite

  • Lab Created- These are not natural and that can be a problem for some
  • Pricey- Even though they are cheaper than diamonds they are still several hundred dollars

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Is Cubic Zirconia a good Faux Diamond?

The next stone is a widely popular one. With it being a synthetic stone cubic zirconia is widely available and inexpensive. It is sometimes called an American diamond. Cubic zirconia is indeed beautiful in its own right but there are some important differences worth noting.

What is Cubic Zirconia made of?

First cubic zirconia is made up of zirconium dioxide which is a synthetic material. This is also the reason cubic zirconia is much less expensive than real diamonds. There are almost no limits to how expensive or inexpensive you can go with cubic zirconia.

What are the Costs of Cubic Zirconia?

In fact, with cubic zirconia, you can really become creative for the same amount of money as you would spend on any of the other stones. Or you can lower and put more of that cash you saved into other things seriously. The options are plentiful.

Take a look at this cubic zirconia ring. This ring is just as beautiful as any other but at a price that almost anyone could afford. Even these cubic zirconia earrings are stunning yet priced economically.

What are The Downsides of Cubic Zirconia?

Where cubic zirconia starts to not shine as well as the hardness level. Rated at only an 8 to an 8.5 on the Mohs scale. When compared to the other stones this means cubic zirconia can scratch easier. When too many scratches happen it will lose its brilliant shine and unfortunately not look as pretty.

On the other hand cubic zirconia can be risky. With its hardness level not being as high, it can easily be damaged. Someone who works with their hands a lot, or can scruff them up easier than a harder stone may be necessary. With cubic zirconia’s price, however, it is just as easy to give it a shot and see how it works out.

Cubic zirconia may be popular but the last stone to talk about can be just as great. White sapphire sounds as beautiful as it is in person. A gemstone that can be worth its weight in, well, diamonds really. In the next section, it is white sapphire’s turn to shine.

Pros of Cubic Zirconia

  • Cheap- Cubic zirconia is one of the cheapest materials you’ll find.
  • Beautiful- Great cubic zirconia will still shine just like a diamond

Cons of Cubic Zirconia

  • Fragile- Not as hard as the other stones can scratch easier
  • Loses its shine- To many scratches will dull this stone

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Is White Sapphire an Acceptable Imitation?

White sapphires are some of the prettiest stones available. They are just as brilliant as a diamond and can stand the test of time as well. White sapphire is also a natural gem and the second hardest material on earth.

How Hard is White Sapphire?

Coming in at a 9 out of 10 on the Mohs scale this gem can lend its beauty to anyone who will accept it. With it being such a hardened material it can stand up to much more than cubic zirconia can.

Is White Sapphire difficult to find?

On the downside, white sapphire can be less brilliant and sparkly than the others. Often times it’s found with a milky or cloudy look inside. This makes the gem lack in being able to outshine the others, but if a lower profile is your thing then white sapphire may be the way to go.

White sapphire rings can be hard to find. In most cases, they can be combined with other stones to make beautiful jewelry but to also keep costs low. White sapphire can be a middle of the road option for many. When searching around Amazon however there were little to no references to just plain white sapphire.

Even though it is an option with its lower popularity white sapphire can be hard to find. Once you do find it though it could be an incredible gift or buy for those of you who fall in love with it. White sapphire certainly flies under the radar but in a completely good way.

After reading through these beautiful fake diamonds which one is your favorite? In a few, I will share my choices but first I wanted to touch on the Moh scale. A better explanation would be good to give you a clear understanding of that measurement as well.

Pros of White Sapphire

  • Beautiful- White sapphire can appear as beautiful as diamonds
  • Durable- These gemstones are tough
  • Natural- If you like natural stone white sapphire could be for you

Cons of White Sapphire

  • Not as shiny- Although beautiful white sapphire can lack a shiny aspect
  • Hard to find-  With white sapphire can be hard to find

What is the Moh Scale and why does it matter?

The Moh scale is the way one can measure the hardness level of gemstones and diamonds, including the lab-created diamonds like moissanite. The Moh scale is important because when you make an investment in any stone it can help you understand what that stone can and cannot do.

Diamonds are strong coming at a 10 on the Moh scale and are considered the hardest gem out there. In fact, most people know that you can only cut diamonds with diamonds that are pretty hard.

With moissanite coming in at a 9.5 however it is incredibly close to being able to cut diamonds to. This is important to know so you can better decide which option best fits your situation. Can cubic zirconia stand up to all the things you do in a day, or do you need something tougher like white sapphire? Keeping the Moh scale in mind will help drive your decision-making process to the perfect option.

My Final Thoughts

Personally, I think cubic zirconia is the best faux diamond for its diamond likeness and price point. Some may scoff at this due to cubic zirconia being the cheapest and most vulnerable stone but that to me is a highlight. You see when my fiancée puts that ring on I don’t have to worry about losing it or her damaging an incredibly large investment.

To be completely honest as well I would also go with a white sapphire option as well. With both being beautiful and affordable enough it would be simple enough to have one for everyday use and one for when it was time to shine. We like to keep a lower profile so both stones would serve us better. Think about the situations you’ll be in and decide from there which stone is the best.

Carl A. Jones, GIA GG

Carl A. Jones is a GIA Graduate Gemologist with over 20 years of experience in the diamond industry. He is an independent jewelry appraiser. He specializes in determining the value of diamonds and advising consumers on how to buy quality diamond jewelry.

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