What is the Difference Between American Diamond and Real Diamond?

When purchasing the right diamond for an engagement or wedding ring, or just for a special occasion, it is important to know what you are looking for. Most women want to get a real diamond, one they are able to show off to others and impress them with. However, many may find that they are getting an American diamond rather than a real diamond. But what is the difference between these two types of diamonds?

American Diamonds are replicas of real diamonds, which means that they are not real. This type of diamond has been able to make a name for itself in the industry because they look really close to a real diamond and many who are not experienced in diamonds will think that they are the real thing. American Diamonds are less expensive as well. But if you would like a real diamond, then avoid fake “American” diamonds.

There are many benefits to an American diamond, but it is not going to be a real diamond, which can leave a lot of people upset if they find out that a ring or necklace they love is made out of American diamonds. Let’s take a closer look at these two types of diamonds and how they work with one another.

What is an American Diamond?

Basically, the American diamond is another name for a fake diamond. These are man-made diamonds are usually cubic zirconia, but there are many other types of faux diamonds such as moissanite. Usually, these stones are going to be colorless and hard, though there are times when they will have a slight shade that comes with them too. It will depend on the look that the owner would like and what fits in the best.

Although there are a number of reasons that the American diamond is a popular option compared to the real diamond, you need to know the difference. Some bad jewelers may try to sell an American diamond off as a real diamond and charge you much more money for that piece of jewelry overall. While the American diamond is going to look very similar to a real diamond for someone who is not a professional with these gems, it is a fake and should cost a lot less than a real diamond.

To an amateur though, an American diamond-studded ring would seem to be the same as a real diamond ring. But there are differences between the two and you do not want to end up getting the wrong one to add to your collection. If you want an inexpensive ring that looks real and shines, then the American diamond is just fine. But if you want an actual diamond, then you should stay away from it.

Are American Diamonds Grown in a Lab?

Since we know that the American diamond is fake and not like a real diamond, many people wonder how they are made in the first place. Are these diamonds made in a lab or through some other process?

Note that these are not the same as Real lab-grown diamonds (see: are lab grown diamonds cubic zirconia). When we look at an American diamond, it is going to be a simulant diamond, which will have several elements come together. When we look at the real diamond though, it is made of pure carbon. A real diamond is made out of just one element while the American diamond is going to be made out of a lot of materials at once.

When you look at the American diamond though, you will notice that it has a lot of the same physical appearance as the real diamond or those that are grown in a lab. overall, the American diamond is going to be newer, will show a bit more sparkle if you compare them side by side, and is going to be composed through crystal carbide.

Can I Tell The Difference Between the American Diamond and a Real Diamond?

Unless you are an expert in diamonds and other gems, you will find it really hard to notice a difference between the real diamond and the American diamond. You could put the two stones together and may not notice anything is different about them. The sizing can be similar, the shine and color are almost the same, and they both will like nice in any piece of jewelry that you would like to go with. If you are wondering if your diamond stud earrings are real, then we have a list of ways you can easily check if they are real or not.

It will take a professional to figure out the differences between these two diamonds. They will be able to use some of their tools, such as a diamond tester to figure out exactly which one is the real diamond and which one is the fake diamond. You should consider having a professional take a look at the diamond ahead of time to figure out whether you have a real one or a fake one. You can also buy your own diamond tester and do the testing yourself (see: The top 5 Diamond Testers).

As for someone with no experience in this field, the best way to figure out whether the diamond is real or not will be to look at the shiny factor. The American diamond tends to be shinier than the other, but this is hard to tell.

Choosing the Right Diamond for You?

For some people, the American diamond is one of the best options that they can go with. It has a lot of beauty and class and is a lot less expensive than choosing a traditional diamond for a piece of jewelry. It is also a lot better for the environment than a real diamond. For many, this makes it a good choice and they will go with the American diamonds instead.

However, you need to be careful. If you are choosing to go with a real diamond, it is hard to tell the difference between the two and someone may try to trick you into getting one that is a fake. If you want to go with a real diamond,  you will be disappointed if you get an American diamond. Only choose to go with a reputable jeweler to ensure that you are getting the right item that you want to purchase.

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