What is a Diamond Tester? Do they Really Work? (Answered)

What is a Diamond Tester

What is a diamond tester and does it really detect true authentic diamonds? Let’s examine a few things about them and take a look at the science behind how they really analyze a diamond.

A diamond tester will tell you if the gem is authentic or not by measuring the amount and speed with which heat travels through the stone. Diamond detectors can also use electrical conductivity which is established on the same fundamentals.

Do Diamond Testers Really Work and How?

Portable diamond testers actually do work and have proven to be very handy if you don’t know the authenticity of a diamond. A basic diamond detector uses its heated needle tip made of metal to cause a heat transference once placed on the diamond’s surface. You will then get a result that will let you know if the diamond is in fact real or a fake.

StillCool Diamond Tester II V2 Selector Gemstone Jewelry Gems Tool with Case (New Diamond Tester)
Heat-based diamond detector

The science behind a diamond tester is that heat or electricity transfers through other elements like glass or cubic zirconia differently than the way it would pass through that of a real diamond. They are extremely accurate and will save you much time and effort when you are trying to analyze diamonds.

What Diamond Tester is Better- Heat or Electric?

If you are thinking of purchasing a diamond tester it’s wise to know what would be the best choice. Research has shown that using an electrical diamond tester is much better than using one that conducts heat.

Presidium Gem Tester II (PGT II) for Identifying DiamondsMoissanites and Up To 16 Common Colored Gemstones
Electricity-based diamond tester

If you will be detecting up to several diamonds a day it will be smart to buy a tool that uses electricity. Why? Because there is one type of “fake diamond” called moissanite that can only be detected with electricity. Moissanites are actually rare unique crystal gemstones which have their own beauty but are not diamonds.

Presidium Adamas Diamond And Moissanite Tester
Presidium Adamas Diamond And Moissanite Tester

Technology is always advancing and there are so many accurate models on the market that are extremely precise in there testing. If you use an electrical tester you will be sure to get a correct answer.

Will my Diamond Tester work on Ruby or Real Gem Stones?

Yes! Diamond Tester also work on ruby or and other real gemstones. It’s actually very interesting to learn that diamond testers use the same technology to detect if a gemstone is truly authentic. These testers not only work on diamonds and rubies but all other gems as well such as emeralds and sapphires.

Gemoro Testerossa Diamond, Moissanite & White Sapphire Tester
Gemoro Testerossa Diamond, Moissanite & White Sapphire Tester

Rubies can actually be very difficult to detect from garnets especially if they are darker in color so a diamond tester would really come in handy in that situation. Just because a ruby is dark in color doesn’t necessarily mean that it is a fake.

Man-Made Diamond versus an Earth-Made Mined Diamond

You might be asking well what about man-made diamonds (Lab-Created Diamonds)? Are they not comprised of the same material as a true diamond? Can a diamond tester tell the difference?

No, a diamond tester can not detect a Lab-Created diamond. The reason is that these lab-created diamonds are comprised of the same chemical makeup as real diamonds. They are made from the same genuine crystallized carbon.

Natural diamonds have very much the same physical elements as lab-created stones. It’s amazing how man has been able to actually recreate one of the strongest elements on earth! Even to a very well trained jeweler’s eye these lab-created gems cannot be told apart from diamonds made by the earth.

Lab diamonds are just as hard as natural diamonds and have just as much clarity. Often times what is overlooked and makes all the difference is who manufactures the diamond. Diamonds are not discovered sparkly. They must be specifically cut and designed in such a way that reflects the light for example in the beautiful princess cut.

Final Notes on Detecting Fake Diamonds

There are many methods and ideas out there for how to tell if a diamond is a fake or not. It’s best not to leave it up to chance though because these procedures or methods are not completely accurate. An electrical diamond tester will give you an accurate fast result every time and will never let a true diamond or gemstone slip through your fingers again!

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