What are VVS Diamonds? Is there a Difference Between VVS1 and VVS2?

What are VVS Diamonds

For many of us, if we are asked about diamonds, we would describe them as one of the most beautiful and priceless gems in the world. However, science defines diamonds as complex metastable allotypes of carbon.

From time and based on the knowledge people have about diamonds, the first thing that comes to mind is the flair that diamonds bring to our dressing. I mean diamonds are used in different types of jewelry such as rings, necklaces, and even bracelets.

One of the main reasons why the use of diamonds is prevalent is because it lasts – it is as durable as it is, beautiful and comes with enduring value. One of the factors used in the estimation of the quality of diamonds is clarity.

What Exactly is Diamond Clarity?

There are four factors which we consider when talking about the evaluation of diamonds, and they are:

The clarity of a diamond is the assessment of the levels of flaws and impurities present inside or on the surface of the diamond. The level of impurity in a diamond affects the level of purity, brilliance, and sparkle of the gemstone. So, knowing the importance of clarity, we would like to point out that there is no flawless diamond anywhere, we just have some purer than others.

These flaws are not obvious, but instead, they very small, and it takes a professional with experience and the necessary equipment to determine these flaws.

With the understanding of the levels of diamond clarity, there are different types of diamonds, and the one we are going to be looking at here is the VVS diamond.

What is a VVS Diamond?

I am sure you are wondering what the VVS here stands for? But not to worry it is as straightforward as it means Very, Very, Slightly Included. The VVS here simply points out to us the level of imperfections in this diamond, and this makes it one of the best diamonds to make use of in terms of its level of clarity.

The flaws and blemishes in the VVS diamonds are minimal, so small that some of the experts in the field might sometimes find it challenging to spot them even with the best of equipment.

This is why it is recommended to make use of the best of microscopes. Looking at classification, the VVS diamond is separated into two subtypes:

The Difference between VVS1 and VVS2 Diamonds

Knowing how good these diamonds are, they are still second-rate to the flawless and rare FL/IF diamonds. Without the use of a reliable microscope, the blemishes in the VVS1 diamond cannot be detected. The funny thing about spotting a VVS1 blemish is that it can only be discovered when the diamond is inspected from the bottom.

The VVS2 diamond, on the other hand, is almost the same as the VVS1 diamond, with the significant difference being that the blemishes can only be spotted by looking at it from the top of the diamond.

Should you invest in VVS Diamonds?

The simple answer to this question is Yes. Investing in diamonds is a good investment, but investing in VVS diamonds is a better idea because they are rare and provide you with the best value when looking at the price. Many VVS diamond investors can testify to the fact that the returns on this investment are high.

Still talking about investments, there are other reasons why you would want to invest in the VVS diamonds:

1. Liquidity

The VVS diamond is very liquid, which means that it is valuable anywhere in the world. You can sell them to gem stores anywhere in the world and instantly get paid.

2. Durability

The VVS diamond is very durable, and some of the factors which affect other elements do not have any effect on them. They cannot be broken easily except with the use of powerful cutting and shaping tools. Read Also: Are Diamonds Actually Unbreakable?

Many conditions overtime affect the value of different commodities. Still, the fact remains that the VVS diamond has been able to keep its head up high irrespective of any economic and environmental situations.

One factor constituting this stability is the fact that these diamonds are controlled indirectly by a global price report, which is the Rapaport Diamond Price report – which is why diamonds have the same price all over the globe.

Bottom Line

We know that diamonds are scarce, and the VVS diamonds are scarce amongst the rest. Out of the cut diamonds, only 2% come with more than one carat. This is small even with the profit, which can be attained from the sale of this diamond.

All we are trying to point out here is that investing in the VVS diamond is a safe investment, safe from financial crisis and market collapses.

We have covered a lot on the VVS diamond, and we hope that it has been of help to you not only in terms of understanding but as an investment guide as well.

Carl Jones

Carl has been involved in the jewelry business since his youth. Growing up in South Africa his parents were jewelers who worked in the industry for decades.

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