Does James Allen Negotiate?

Now that you are ready to pop the question your search for that perfect ring and diamond begins. You know these things can be expensive. And anything that much you may wonder if you can negotiate with some companies, well at James Allen we’ll tell you about what they will do.

Does James Allen negotiate? James Allen doesn’t exactly negotiate. What they will do is match the price of a diamond that is found to be of equal quality to theirs and is from a competing site. James Allen takes great care in selecting all of their diamonds and can back up what they offer through guarantees.

James Allen doesn’t negotiate because they already price their diamonds as low as they can. They inspect each and everyone and price them accordingly before they are ever uploaded to their site or placed out to sell. Don’t let the lack of negotiation scare you away, sometimes the lack thereof can be a good thing.

James Allen’s Promise

James Allen cuts out all the hoopla of negotiating by coming to the table with already stellar pricing. They further provide confidence by offering plenty of options for anyone interested in buying from them.

Price Match Guarantee

One of James Allen’s crowning jewels is their price match guarantee. Now, this only applies to their certified loose diamonds but it can save you some money if you find a match. Now to help you out we did all the boring terms and conditions reading for you.

Basically, you can price match any diamond on you just have to find a comparable diamond. This means it must have a certificate or grading report and show the published price offer. This price must be in effect when you request it from James Allen.

The prices must also be in the same currency as well. The only diamonds that do not qualify for this program are the fancy colored diamonds, and True Hearts are not eligible. Finally, pawnshops and other similar stores or auctions don’t qualify either.

However as long as everything matches and you can prove to James Allen the diamond of your dreams is the price you’re going for, they will honor it. They will only do this for 48 hours though so be sure you are ready to go once you shoot them the request.

Who Does Negotiate?

Other online retailers such as Blue Nile have a similar program when it comes to buying diamonds from them. So if you really want the chance to negotiate a better price where can you go?

The best way to negotiate prices would be the brick and mortar stores, as well as, the mom and pop places. If you live in a city or area that is a decent “diamond district” this will be easier for you to do.

The idea here is to be able to talk with a real person, namely a manager or high ranking associate of some kind in-store. This will allow you to sit down and actually talk about the quality of the diamond, any concerns you have, and the entire experience.

This process is similar to buying a car. If you go and find a truck you love but they are charging quite a bit of money for it, by physically going and looking it over there are things you can point out that may drive the price down.

Diamond buying is similar in this aspect it will just take a lot more leg work from you. This is why stores such as James Allen are nice to have. They have done the best they can to already drive the prices as low as they can while delivering great quality.

Either way when buying something like a diamond that can be expensive. Shopping around is not a terrible idea, just be ready to get a lot of push back when you get started.

The Experience

Although James Allen doesn’t negotiate it is easy to see there are a few reasons you need to. From their fair pricing to their amazing offerings purchasing any jewelry from them is a safe bet.

This is the James Allen Guarantee, and it will surely impress you. Maybe even to buy additional jewelry from them in the future. No matter what though focus on the great customer experience and savings rather than the pain of negotiation.

The art of negotiation can serve everyone well. Even when shopping for that beautiful ring, piece of jewelry, or stone. But it is best left to other areas when James Allen is concerned.

Not that negotiation is bad here it’s just not needed. James Allen is far above any run of the mill jewelry supplier, pawnshop, or garage sale. You can put your trust in their expertise and walk away knowing the price was fair all along.

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Carl A. Jones, GIA GG

Carl A. Jones is a GIA Graduate Gemologist with over 20 years of experience in the diamond industry. He is an independent jewelry appraiser. He specializes in determining the value of diamonds and advising consumers on how to buy quality diamond jewelry.

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