Why are James Allen Diamonds So Cheap? (**2024 Review**)

James Allen Review

What is the reason for such a cheap price tag on James Allen diamonds? Is there something special about them that we as consumers need to know? Let’s investigate this topic further.

Why are James Allen diamonds so inexpensive? James Allen diamonds are affordable because they do not house their own diamonds, they are completely internet-based, and have such a huge inventory. The money they save on overhead allows them to offer lower prices to their customers. The company has been building its website since 2008 and will match any other retailer’s price.


Why Choose to By a Ring Online Instead of a Physical Store?

If you’re nervous about buying a diamond strictly online, James Allen really eases that stress by having actual close-up detailed 360-degree HD videos of all their selections and every single diamond is certified and conflict-free. It’s nice to know that you will get a quality product no matter what your budget is.

They also have the largest variety of loose diamonds online you can choose from and many different settings so you can create exactly what you want tailoring it to your ideals. What a wonderful option to get to create your own ring and make it special just for you and your loved one!

If you receive the ring and you’re not completely happy with it you can return it free of charge and speak with a specialist to find something else.

Of course during these very stressful times with this COVID-19 pandemic and not being able to visit stores having this great option to shop online is something a lot of people are now learning to take advantage of if they haven’t done so already.

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Are James Allen Diamonds Truly Authentic?

James Allen diamonds really are the real deal and you can tell when you look at the photographs of the diamonds on their website. They have staff members take clear pictures of every solitary diamond they have on their website so you can see a clear picture of what you might want. They have a huge inventory and suppliers all over the New York area and other smaller centers across the globe.

It would be good to note that James Allen doesn’t own their own diamonds but they are all examined by experts before you receive them.

What Makes James Allen So Special?

The James Allen website truly is one of a kind. You can choose so many specifics and the options are absolutely endless. Since diamonds are not really that rare any more people shouldn’t have to pay such high prices and that’s part of the appeal of this company.

You also can have engraving done on your piece which truly makes it that much more special and personal.

The bottom line is that they can deliver higher quality at a lower price point than any other company. This makes them highly desirable and a very strong contender when it comes to diamonds.

Are James Allen Diamonds of good quality?

James Allen has a gigantic selection of high-quality products available. What’s nice is that every diamond’s quality is carefully certified, documented, and conflict-free. All the ring settings have a lifetime warranty as well which is also a wonderful feature.

The take away here is that you can buy diamonds of every size, cut, and clarity that you choose from this site. Your budget obviously will reflect the quality of what you can purchase also and something you need to keep in mind.

James Allen is certainly as good as any other diamond retailer out there and maybe even has the leading edge in diamond retail because of their ability to offer lower price points on their entire inventory.

If you are considering purchasing a diamond, James Allen might be a possible contender. It doesn’t hurt to do a cost comparison with what they have to offer in the certain cut and style you might want with other retailers of your choice. After all who doesn’t want to save some money and if James Allen is willing to sell the same product and quality at a reduced cost then it’s definitely worth considering.

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