What is a Marquise Cut Diamond?

2.5 Ctw 14K White Gold Contemporary Double Row Split Shank GIA Certified Marquise Cut Diamond Engagement Ring

Marquise cut diamonds are breathtaking shapes to behold. They have a certain elegance that cannot be matched. Let’s examine why this is and what makes this stone so special.

The marquise cut is a gorgeous boat-shaped diamond that is typically set in a north and south orientation with points at either end. They are known as a “fancy cut” diamond and give off a nice brilliant sparkle.

Keep reading to find out why the Marquise cut is such a great cut to use for an engagement ring.

What makes the Marquise Cut Diamond so Special?

If you like the shape of the oval cut diamond but want something with a bit more flare then the marquise diamond is the one for you. The marquise cut diamond is truly a historic and classic diamond shape that is sure to capture hearts right from the beginning.

If you want a diamond that will make your fingers look the most slender then the marquise cut diamond will be your best friend. Of all the diamonds they will make your hand look the most elongated and graceful.

Did you know that marquise cut diamonds are sometimes called a “navette?” This means “little boat” in French. It was given this whimsical name because of its sweet boat-like shape. If your beloved likes the ocean, or to sail, well then you know what diamond to choose for her.

Pros and Cons of the Marquise Cut Diamond

Do be aware of the bow-tie effect on marquise cut diamonds. This diamond will have some degree of a darkened bow-tie but with the help of a diamond expert and visually examining the diamond yourself you should be able to mitigate this problem.

Since this diamond has such a boat like elongated shape, clarity and color are certainly more discernible than say a traditional round cut diamond. It will take a little more time and diamond expert advice to find the perfect marquise cut diamond. It’s all worth it though!

On the other hand, there is so much to adore about this type of diamond. The fact that it has such an elongated shape actually helps the diamond to give off the illusion that it actually looks larger than it is. Plus, they are not the most popular diamond so if you want something a bit more elusive and special then this is the cut for you!


  • It looks Bigger than many other cuts (see also What Diamond Cut Looks the Biggest?)
  • A unique choice for an engagement ring
  • Sparkle comparable to rounds
  • Make your fingers look slender
  • More affordable than other cuts


  • Can have dark bow-tie areas
  • Not as great of sparkle
  • Not many setting options

Are Marquise Cut Diamonds Expensive?

You will be happy to know that marquise cut diamonds are actually less expensive than other diamonds because there is less rough diamond waste when they are being cut. They will cost less per carat than their round counterparts.

Marquise Cut Diamond Price

For a nice well-cut, marquise 1 carat diamond, the average cost will be about $3,700. Of course, the price goes up if you want a larger caret or heightened clarity and color.

What is the best Setting for a Marquise Cut Diamond?

These types of diamonds have such a dramatic look, they usually look best when used in a solitaire or halo type setting.

Remember also that both tips of the marquise diamond should be completely aligned because if there not once they have been encased in the prongs you will be able to really notice it. Make sure to go with V-tip prongs as this diamond has two unprotected corners and need to be protected.

A great tip for settings with this diamond is if you set this diamond with a pear-shaped or round diamond it will actually make the diamond look larger.

Just like all fancy shaped diamonds clarity and cut are the most important factors to think of when picking out the right stone. Also, don’t choose a diamond that has a shallow cut as this will enable the diamond’s ability to fire and give off sparkle.

Another valid consideration is that marquise diamonds will show color more. It would be good to always choose one color grade up with this type of diamond to ensure a nice bright white diamond with no slightly yellow tinge.

The stunning marquise stone certainly is considered a classic shape for engagement rings and is truly breathtaking. It will be sure to make any bride be grin ear to ear with complete happiness!

Carl A. Jones, GIA GG

Carl A. Jones is a GIA Graduate Gemologist with over 20 years of experience in the diamond industry. He is an independent jewelry appraiser. He specializes in determining the value of diamonds and advising consumers on how to buy quality diamond jewelry.

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