What Are Blue Diamond Rings?

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Have you ever heard of a blue diamond? It may leave you wondering how the diamond got blue? If it is real and where they even come from. Well, if you want to know more about what a blue diamond is then you have come to the right place.

Below you can find a ton of information what a blue diamond is. Let’s take a look now!

Are Blue Diamonds Real?

The first question to ask is, are they real? Well, blue diamonds are certainly real. However, as with any diamond they can be made in a laboratory. Diamonds come in many different colors including blue. The blue color can range in different shades of blue.

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How Are Blue Diamonds Formed?

Diamonds are all formed the same deep within the earth’s surface. However, the color that the diamond is comes from different factors. When there are certain levels of Boron in the earth where the diamond was being formed, then the diamond will actually have a blue color to it.

Depending on how much Boron is in the earth where the diamond is will determine on how dark or light the blue tint will be.

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Where Can Blue Diamonds Be Found?

Of course, diamonds are found within the earth. But, what part of the earth can blue diamonds found? Well, blue diamonds can be found at a couple of different locations. The two major places that blue diamonds are found are in Australia and South Africa.

Do note that blue diamonds can be found in India and other parts of the world also. However, the majority of blue diamond’s come from the few of places listed above.

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More information on the Australian mine can be found at www.riotinto.com/australia If interested.

What Makes A Diamond Considered Blue?

In order for a diamond to be considered a blue diamond then, it must have been formed that way inside the earth’s surface. A real blue diamond can be certified to ensure that it is naturally blue. For a blue diamond to be considered a blue diamond then it must have a clear blue tint to the diamond itself.

Another note: Blue diamonds can be rated differently depending on the amount of blue that it has in it. This can make the price of the blue diamond change dramatically.

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Can Blue Diamonds Be Treated?

Blue diamonds can indeed be treated. In fact, blue diamonds are often treated. This does lower the value of the diamond. If looking for an untreated blue diamond, then it is good to look into blue diamonds that are GIA certified. This guarantees that the blue diamond is real and that it has not been treated to enhance the blue color to the blue diamond.

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How Rare Are Blue Diamonds?

While white diamonds or diamonds without any color are not hard to find, a diamond of color can be much more difficult to locate. However, the good news is that blue diamonds are not the rarest diamond to find. Pink is top of that list. Blue diamonds are not hard to find. It is good to note though, that the bluer a blue diamond is, the rarer that they are.

Three 3 Stone Princess Cut Channel Set Diamond Engagement Ring with a 3 Carat Blue Diamond Heirloom Quality Center

The bluer that a diamond is the rarer that the blue diamond will be. This makes the prices of the blue diamond go up dramatically.

What Is the Price of a Blue Diamond Ring?

As with anything the rarer something is then the more the object will be. The same is true for blue diamond rings. This can make the price of a blue diamond range. So, what is the price range for blue diamond rings? Blue diamond rings can range from $600 up to $11,000 depending on how many carats the diamond is, how rare, and the blue color of the blue diamond. The price can only go up.

18k White Gold Round-cut Blue Diamond Halo Engagement Ring (2 25 cttw, Blue, H-I, SI1-SI2) Size 5.5-7.5

For a more extensive list on the price of blue diamonds, there is more information at neadiamonds.com/diamond-price.

What Different Shades Are There?

There are many different shades of blue diamonds. Some shades of blue diamonds can actually be a green color. All in all, a natural blue diamond will have a blue tint to it. Some blue diamonds even have a greyish blue tint to them. Sometimes the blue can be very dark all the way to a very light tint of blue in the diamond.

Square Halo Diamond Engagement Ring with a 3 Carat Blue Diamond Heirloom Quality Center

A simple google search can pull up the endless shades of blue diamonds. However, it is always good to do research into a diamond before purchasing.

Blue diamonds are certainly beautiful. The shades and tints of blue diamonds can be remarkable. If interested, check out this YouTube video for more information on blue diamonds.

Hopefully the information above has answered all your questions on blue diamonds. Thanks!

Carl A. Jones, GIA GG

Carl A. Jones is a GIA Graduate Gemologist with over 20 years of experience in the diamond industry. He is an independent jewelry appraiser. He specializes in determining the value of diamonds and advising consumers on how to buy quality diamond jewelry.

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