What is the Difference Between a Promise Ring and an Engagement Ring?

Love is significant and kind. If there is one love language that has continued to grow over the years, it is the love language of giving. One of the best ways of showing the significance of your love is by gifting a symbolic ring.

Talking about love and symbolism, there are two main types of rings. They are the promise ring and the engagement ring. We are going to take a look at both types of rings. When you should give your partner these rings. As well as everything else you need to know about these rings. Let’s go.

What’s the difference between a Promise Ring and an Engagement Ring? A Promise Ring can have multiple meanings; the promise of marriage, monogamy, or abstinence. An Engagement Ring only has one meaning. A commitment to get married.

What is a promise ring?

A promise ring is one that is given from one partner to the other in a romantic relationship. Taking out time to give your partner a promise ring signifies the following:

  1. The promise of marriage: the intention of getting married to the one you love at a certain point in the future can be signified with a promise ring. It is the representation of an assurance that your union with her at a certain point in the future is certain, and you do not doubt it in your mind. It’s a pre-engagement ring.
  2. Abstinence: for many couples who have decided to wait until marriage before having any sexual interactions, the use of the promise ring is in view as they can gift it to one another with the promise of abstaining till marriage, not just with each other but with others as well.
  3. Monogamy: giving a promise ring to your other half can also signify monogamy, meaning that you have decided to commit yourself to the person you have gifted this ring to.

In many other cases, promise rings have been shared by friends. Just as a symbol of friendship, without any romantic commitment. Still, this case is not as popular as the use of promise rings between people in romantic relationships.

This ring represents the promise of a future commitment you want to assure your partner of. A promise ring usually is worn on the left-hand ring finger.

What is an engagement ring?

We can see there are different reasons for using a promise ring. But for the engagement ring, there is only one reason. You’re in a serious relationship with someone. You’ve known them for a while. You want to spend the rest of your life with this person. Then this is where the engagement ring comes in.

An engagement ring is a symbolic way of telling someone you want to marry them. If they say “Yes,” then the ring goes on the ring finger on the left hand. This means you are now engaged to get married! Yay!

At this point, the next thing would be for you to start the preparation for your wedding.

What is the difference between the promise ring and engagement ring?

Engagement rings are more elaborate than promise rings. They usually have diamonds and fancy bands.

A promise ring can be simple and plain.

Promise rings are becoming more popular these days. They come in different colors and styles. Some can be engraved with the promise made to one another, making more personal.

With the use of the promise ring comes the need for you to make your intentions known. There are many reasons why people give promise rings (The promise of marriage, Monogamy, Abstinence). The majority of the promise rings are less elaborate, only some have diamonds.

You have to be clear about your promise ring intentions. Since there are many. Imagine giving someone a diamond promise ring to represent abstinence. But the person you gave it to thinks you are want to be engaged! This would have done more harm than good.

When it comes to your budget, we advise spending more on an engagement ring than your promise ring. The engagement ring is one that has a lifetime symbolism.

Why do we have to understand the difference between these rings? Many have given one of these rings for the wrong reason. And believe me, it can turn a sweet and celebratory situation into a total mess.

Can I use a promise ring as an engagement ring?

Yes, you can use a promise ring as an engagement ring. Assuming the promise of marriage meaning of a promise ring. Which is basically the same meaning of an engagement ring.

Bottom Line

Rings, whether engagement or promise rings symbolize a commitment. Understanding of which commitment each ring symbolizes is a step towards making our plans with other individuals we love and care about successful.

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