This is What Finger a Promise Ring Should Go On

Depending on the culture that you live in, a promise ring will be a symbol of the commitment present between a woman and man who is in love. This is going to occur before the engagement ring and will be done when there is some reason why the two people can’t be together for some time. This can show off the relationship, even if they live far apart or are too young to get married at the time. But which finger should the promise ring be worn on?

As a general rule, a promise ring is worn on your left-hand ring finger. It is a promise of commitment and will later turn into an engagement ring when the time is right. Since it is a precursor to the engagement ring and later to the wedding ring, it makes sense that the ring would be on the same finger. There are other options, but this is one of the most common choices.

The promise ring can have a significant amount of meaning for the two who choose to wear it, but it is important to know the right finger and be prepared to wear it at the right time. Let’s take a look at which finger is the best one for the promise ring to help get this right.

What Finger a Promise Ring Should Be Worn On.

There are so many reasons why a promise ring (What is a Promise Ring?) is handed out between two people in a committed relationship. They may be too young to get married at the time, they may be living in different countries and can’t get married yet, or they are not ready to get married but want to show their love for one another. No matter the reason, it is a symbol of connection and love.

Knowing the right finger to put the promise ring on will be important. This will ensure that the ring is worn the right way and can symbolize the love that the two have for one another. It is going to precede the engagement ring and most women choose to wear it on the traditional wedding ring finger because it is going to mean the same thing as the other rings.

Once the two get engaged and an engagement ring is introduced into the mix, that will replace the promise ring. There are some women who will choose to wear both of the rings on the same finger.

Keep in mind that depending on the size of the ring, you may need to wear it on a different finger. You can always choose to wear the ring in a location that works the best for you. But traditionally, using it on the left-hand ring finger makes the most sense for most people.

Can You Wear a Promise Ring on the Right Hand Ring Finger?

While the traditional method is to wear the promise ring on the left-hand ring finger, there are many that choose to move the ring over to the other hand. This can be a practical option for you to use because it keeps the other hand free for the future use of the engagement ring.  You can even keep wearing the promise ring once you get engaged and introduce a new ring to the mix.

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This choice is going to have two main advantages with it. First, you will not have to worry about resizing the ring later on if it doesn’t fit on the left hand ring finger as well as you would like. This is also going to help prevent some of the awkward questions that you may have about the potential engagement, especially if that is something that will not happen for a number of years.

This is just one of the areas where you will be able to wear the promise ring. Any finger will work, as long as it is comfortable for you.

Can Men Wear Promise Rings?

While it is traditionally thought that only women should wear a promise ring, it is possible for men to have this kind of ring as well. This is a symbol of commitment and that is something that both parties are able to work on together. And both couples may appreciate having this symbol when they are getting ready to be together forever.

In our modern world, it is not that strange when the woman is able to take the initiative and give the ring to her partner. In this case, it is going to represent the same thing for the man as we see it representing for the woman, making it a good option for both to wear. The man can initiate to give the ring to the woman, the woman can initiate the ring to give to the man, or they can both do it together.


In some cases, the man is going to wear this promise ring as a sign of their celibacy, as friendship, or as a promise to their parents. These are going to have different meanings than the ones that they give or get from the important women in their lives. Unlike some of the delicate and elegant feminine promise rings that you can choose, the male one is going to be thicker and will come with a rougher design.

Choosing the Correct Finger to Wear your Promise Ring

While the traditional way to wear a promise ring is to put it on the ring finger on the left hand, there is a lot of freedom for you to choose where to wear it as well. Many will choose another finger based on what is the most comfortable for them and where the ring fits in the first place.

The important thing with this ring is the symbol it has for love and caring between two people, not the finger it is placed on. Having this ring next to you all the time can be a powerful reminder of the love you both share.

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