What are a Trillion Diamonds?


What are the attributes of the brilliant trillion cut diamond? What makes them so special and why should they be considered as an eye-catching option for a wedding or engagement ring?

The trillion cut diamond is a spectacular diamond shape constituting three corresponding sides with either 31 or 50 facets. If the diamond is used on its own then it would be comprised of 50 facets. Single stones have a curved cut and accent diamonds have a concave cut.

What makes the Brilliant Trillion shape so impressive?

The trillion diamond cut is so spectacular because it has such an amazing fire and sharp dazzling brilliance. It works beautifully as a perfect solitaire stone on its own or also looks impressive as side stones. People will often pair the trillion cut on each side of another stone because of its symmetry and proportion which looks quite impressive.

The trillion diamond is more of a rarer choice which is perfect for someone who wants something out of the ordinary and exclusive.

The Pros and Cons of the Trillion Cut

If you’re looking for a larger stone, then a trillion cut should definitely be on your list to research. There is, unfortunately, a downside though. Although the diamond might look big, it may also have limited brilliance since it has less depth.

This type of diamond hides inclusions very well and can be absolutely brilliant if cut properly.

The trillion cut is more susceptible to chipping because of its three triangular points. You need to make sure you have the right V-prong secure setting. It also has fewer options when it comes to settings because of its unique shape and can be more difficult to set.

One more point to note if you are considering this diamond is that it will involve more cleaning and maintenance than other diamond cuts. Why is that you ask?  Well, it is because the trillion cut is a shallower cut. It’s much shallower than the princess or round cuts which means its light reflection properties can be impinged by just the smallest amount of dirt or dust.



  • It’s more susceptible to chipping
  • Limited brilliance since it has less depth
  • Not many setting options

Are Trillion Cut Diamonds Expensive?

The unparalleled trillion cut diamond is actually less money than the round or princess cut diamonds so that is really quite amazing. (See also What Is The Cheapest Diamond Cut?)

What’s so nice about this diamond cut is the fact that in correlation to a basic round cut with the same carat size, a trillion cut diamond will commonly look bigger. Why is this you might wonder? It is because these precious stones are generally wider and trimmed more slightly and shallow. So regarding the cost factor, the trillion cut diamond comes out a winner!

What is the best Setting for a Trillion Cut Diamond?

Trillion diamonds work well as side stones or as a center stone. When selecting your diamond one of the most significant things to factor in is the depth of the diamond. This is especially crucial if you are going to go with a solitaire. Depth can really influence the shine and fire of the stone. If it’s cut properly it should also be able to camouflage inclusions.

If you are going with a single stone remember that there will be a convex cut that is used. If you are using them for accent stones then a concave cut will be used. Although there are a few other cuts like round-cornered triangular etc. the more important thing to examine is the depth.

The alluring trillion cut is fascinating in its own way and although it’s not quite as famous as its round equivalents they assuredly are dazzling in their own way. If you want a diamond that is different and something out of the ordinary then this stunning trillion cut might be just the one for you!


Carl A. Jones, GIA GG

Carl A. Jones is a GIA Graduate Gemologist with over 20 years of experience in the diamond industry. He is an independent jewelry appraiser. He specializes in determining the value of diamonds and advising consumers on how to buy quality diamond jewelry.

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