How Much is Moissanite Worth?

When shopping around for rings, it is important to know how much you should spend on each one. Even though moissanite is a more affordable option compared to traditional diamonds, knowing how much a high-quality one costs can help you spend just the right amount. But how much is moissanite worth?

Moissanites are worth less than diamonds, but can still be expensive and how value. The price of a moissanite will depend on the size, but it is much less than its diamond counterpart. It is possible to get a 1 carat moissanite ring, for example, for under $750. If you want something that is much bigger and makes a statement, you could choose a 3 carat ring for around $2500, making this an affordable way to have all the nice jewelry you want.

Let’s take a closer look at some of the price points of moissanite and some of the individual things that will help determine the final price of any jewelry you purchase with this stone in it.

How Much is Moissanite Worth?

The cost of your moissanite ring will vary depending on a few factors. The type of ring that you get (including the metal holding the stone), the size of the diamond, and even if there are any special designs on the ring will all come into play. A few rules of thumb to follow when looking at prices include:

  • $200 to $500: This is a good price range for a ring of 14k yellow or white gold. At this range you can find a solitaire ring up to 3/4 CT TW. It is possible to get a pair of stud earrings for 1 CT TW for around $400 at many retailers.
  • $500 to $750: This price range will get a bigger stone. You can find solitaire rings up to 3/4 CT TW. If you are looking at stud earrings, the carat total can be up to 1.5 in this price range. Small 3-stone rings up to 1 CT TW fit into this price range too.
  • $750 to $1000: This is a sweet spot for some of the best moissanite engagement rings. You can get a solitaire ring up to 1.5 CT TW or a pair of stud earrings at 2.0 CT TW. A well-made moissanite bracelet of 1 CT TW can fit here too.
  • $1000 to $2500: This is the range where you get the big look for a smaller price. You can get a solitaire ring between 2 to 3 CT TW. Stud earrings could get you moissanite up to 4 CT TW.
  • $2500 to $5000: In this price range, you could get a 3-stone anniversary ring that is 4.5 CT TW that is sure to wow everyone who sees it.

Compared to their diamond counterparts, these prices are more affordable. You can still get the personalization and customization that you want for a good price when you choose to go with moissanite rather than diamonds.

How the Cost of a Moissanite Stone is Determined.

Similar to diamonds, there are a few factors that will determine the exact cost of any moissanite you decide to purchase. These include:

Carat or Size

The size of the gem will determine how much it is worth. A smaller stone will cost less than a bigger stone. Moissanites are measured more in millimeters than carats because they weigh about 10 to 15% less than diamonds. You can usually shop for the moissanite stone in both millimeters and in a diamond carat weight to help.


The cut of the moissanite needs to be done to maximize the brilliance, sparkle, and fire of the stone. When the stone is cut well, it allows for more light to dance on the stone and improve its value.


The color is important here too. You can find them ranging from D to K. D, E, and F are going to be colorless, G, H, and I are nearly colorless, and then J and K have a little hue to it. With moissanite stones, when you get over a certain carat size, the color is more likely to show as well which can bring the value down.


And finally, the clarity is important as well. Most stones, including the moissanite, will have some imperfections. But many of these will only be seen under some close inspection. The clarity is rated from FL to i3. FL means that the imperfections are only seen under 10c magnification. A grade of i3 will have imperfections that you can see without magnification.

Is Moissanite Worth it?

While moissanite is not the exact same as a diamond, it has a similar look, is almost as durable, and sometimes gives that sparkle and shine that you are looking for on your jewelry. And since the price is so much lower compared to a diamond, it is worth your time to take a look and see if you can find one that works for you.

Carl A. Jones, GIA GG

Carl A. Jones is a GIA Graduate Gemologist with over 20 years of experience in the diamond industry. He is an independent jewelry appraiser. He specializes in determining the value of diamonds and advising consumers on how to buy quality diamond jewelry.

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