What Are Clarity Enhanced Diamonds?

Have you ever been out shopping for jewelry and someone says that the diamonds are clarity enhanced? Well, you may be wondering what clarity enhanced diamonds are. No worries!

Below you can find out what they mean by clarity enhanced, if its natural, and if it’s not, the differences.

Let’s get started now!

Understanding What an Inclusion Is.

To know what clarity enhanced diamonds are, it is important to know exactly what an inclusion is. An inclusion is simply an imperfection. All real diamonds were formed deep down inside the earth. When being formed they develop little inclusions. You can relate it similarly to a mark while being made or formed.

All diamonds have inclusions. Think of them as a birthmark but for a diamond. Not all inclusions are visible to the naked eye. This makes those diamonds even more valuable. It stands to reason that the term clarity enhanced is used.

What Is Clarity Enhanced?

All diamonds have inclusions or imperfections (See Clarity). When those inclusions are visible it can cause the diamond to not look as great as it would without the inclusions. The diamond is not “stuck” with these inclusions though. You see, they can be eliminated using a small drill laser. This must be done by a professional though.

How is The Clarity Enhancement Done?

There are a couple of different ways that diamonds can be clarity enhanced. Most of the time it involves a laser drill that goes into the diamond to expose the inclusion. The fracture in the diamond is then filled with a glass.

Think about how a crack in a window can be repaired. Most of the time you do not have to throw out the entire window. It can be repaired with a resin. Essentially that is the case with inclusions in diamonds, except you must drill down to the inclusion.

Are Clarity Enhanced Diamonds Real or Fake?

Clarity enhancements are done on real diamonds. Diamonds that are clarity enhanced do not come from a lab or anywhere else. They are simply natural diamonds that have had the inclusions removed to provide more clarity to the diamond. A clarity enhanced diamond will have a sharper appearance than it would with the inclusions.

Are Clarity Enhanced Diamonds Better Than Natural?

You may be wondering if a clarity enhanced diamond is better tthana natural diamond. This really is a personal choice. You can buy diamonds that are natural without a lot of visual inclusions or imperfections. The price only goes up with a natural diamond with less inclusions.

A clarity enhanced diamond can be better for your budget. The key is knowing if the diamond has been clarity enhanced rather than assuming that the diamond has less inclusions. If the jeweler knows that the diamond has been clarity enhanced, he or she should make it known to the buyer.

Are Inclusions A Bad Thing?

While a lot of inclusions cannot be seen, it may not be a great idea to have all the inclusions treated. You see, when there is a natural inclusion in a diamond it can act as a distinguishing mark. You can think of it as a fingerprint for the diamond. This is helpful it has ever been lost or stolen. It can help the recovery process.

Plus, inclusions in diamonds are a lot like people. Everyone has flaws, but it makes you who you are. An inclusion is apart of what makes that diamond different or special. No two diamonds have the same exact imperfections.

Be Careful of Too Many Treatments!

You do not want a diamond that has been clarity enhanced too much. It the diamond has had a lot of inclusions fixed it can weaken the diamond. This causes the life of the diamond to decrease dramatically. Too many repairs can cause damage. Great clarity enhanced diamonds are ones that have not had to have an extensive number of repairs.

How to Know the Difference.

A lot of times it is very hard to tell the difference in a natural diamond versus a clarity enhanced diamond. People rely on the honesty of the jeweler when it comes to buying a diamond.

Do note that sometimes jewelers are not informed that a diamond has been clarity enhanced when they buy it. So, it is not always something that is known. You can get diamonds that are certified natural and have not been clarity enhanced. This can get even more pricey though.

You can find more info on the differences at https://blog.brilliance.com/diamonds.

Before You Buy!

Hopefully, this gives a better understanding of what clarity enhanced diamonds are. All natural is the way to go when it comes to diamonds due to the strength of the diamond and it being original and unique. Not conforming. You can find more info about diamonds in this YouTube link.