What is a Half Moon Cut Diamond?


The beautiful half-moon diamond has many amazing attributes going for it. But what exactly is the half-moon diamond cut and what makes it so special?

Half-moon cut diamonds are shaped like half of a round or half of an oval shaped diamond. One side is completely straight and the other is rounded. They are usually placed on either side of rectangular stones like emeralds or radiant cuts because they have one completely straight edge that complements a center stone extremely well.

What makes the Half Moon Cut so Special?

The half-moon cut is a very romantic diamond and has a unique mixture of softness with its one round curved side and its other straight hard edge. Did you know the half-moon diamond cut is also called a demilune? This is because the shape resembles the crescent phase of the moon. How beautiful!

Since the cushion cut is coming back into popularity so are half-moons because they match so nicely one on either side. More contemporary brides are going with this cut in a solitaire setting because they want something different and out of the ordinary. They can be completely encased in a bezel setting or tipped on their side for a more off the norm look.

Half-moon diamonds usually start out as a round brilliant cut diamond that is broken or was originally an oval diamond. They are usually matched up to a very similar diamond so that they can be part of a setting. Half-moon cuts are very special because they work so well in a three-stone placement.

Pros and Cons of the Half Moon Cut

One great things about this cut is the price tag. Since they are usually created from broken round cuts their prices are cheaper but still can add so much beauty and shine to your setting.

Be careful to choose a well-cut stone from end to end as this type of diamond can show a bow tie shadow and this will diminish is sparkle.

If you choose half-moon cut diamonds as your side stones you won’t have to worry too much about choosing the perfect clarity and color especially if you’re not going to too big with them. They will complement the center stone wonderfully and just the shape of them will help draw the eye to the center of the ring.


  • This is a more affordable diamond cut.
  • Great for accent stones


  • Not as great of sparkle
  • Not many setting options

Are Half Moon Diamond Cuts Expensive?

Half-moon diamonds are lovely because they can be added to any diamond ring and greatly increase its beauty without increasing the cost significantly.

You can find an average set of two half-carat moon-shaped diamonds for around $1,200. This is the size most people go with because it’s nice to keep the side stones about the size of your main diamond which is usually around 1 carat.

What is the best Setting for a Half Moon Cut Diamond?

The half-moon diamond is most often used for side stones but can certainly be used as a solitaire. This type of diamond shape goes well as side stones for square or rectangle cuts like the emerald. This is because of the one straight edge being able to tightly fit against the center stone creating a beautiful cohesive setting.

​The graceful half-moon diamond gracefully and not overbearingly draws your eye to the center of the stone and beautifully embraces it. Two half moons can also be put together to form one solid round shape as well to give the ring a slightly different flair and twist.

When choosing your diamonds make sure they are no less than one color grade and clarity grade than your main stone because this will ensure they compliment it.

This type of diamond shape, if used as a solitaire is definitely not for the traditional bride but certainly makes a stunning statement. However you choose to use this diamond it is not one to be passed over quickly as its brilliance and character are unmatched.


Carl A. Jones, GIA GG

Carl A. Jones is a GIA Graduate Gemologist with over 20 years of experience in the diamond industry. He is an independent jewelry appraiser. He specializes in determining the value of diamonds and advising consumers on how to buy quality diamond jewelry.

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