What is the Best Cut for Diamond Earrings?

Best Cut for Diamond Earrings?

Diamond earrings are a timeless accessory and perfect for any occasion. There are countless diamond earring cuts and styles to choose from. To save you from hours of researching diamond cuts, our experts are here to help. Learn the best cut for diamond earrings and our exclusive diamond tips. With our guide, you will soon find the perfect diamond earrings.

What is the best cut for diamond earrings?

The best diamond cut for earrings is the princess cut. The princess cut is the most popular fancy diamond shape. Princess cut diamonds have a square shape and pointed edges. This cut is not to be confused with square cushion cuts that have curved edges.

Princess cuts are also known as a modified brilliant. They can either have either 57 or 76 facets. When light hits the diamond, it will bounce off the facets and sparkle. A Princess cut’s great number of facets sparkle intensely like round diamonds. The princess diamond’s many facets also better hide imperfections.

Princess cut diamond earrings compliment any face shape. Its pyramid design unites classic style with a modern, geometric shape. Thanks to its popularity, jewelry stores sell many princess cut diamond earrings.

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How to buy princess cut diamond earrings

With the diamond shape picked, you are a step closer to buying beautiful diamond earrings. Before browsing your favorite jewelry store, read our princess cut buying tips.

What are the best grades for princess cut diamond earrings?

Diamond grades are important to know when shopping for earrings. Referred to as the 4C’s, these grades define the diamond’s qualities. Below are our 4C recommendations for princess cut diamond earrings:

Cut Grade:
Cut grade details how well a diamond is cut. Cut grades range from Excellent to Poor. A well-cut diamond lets light best travel throughout the diamond and sparkle. A poorly cut diamond will lose light and look dull. Fancy cut diamonds like princesses do not have official cut grades. But certain jewelers may list well-cut fancy diamonds as “Ideal” cuts.

Clarity Grade:
Clarity grade details the number of a diamond’s flaws. These flaws can look like dark spots or cloudy areas. Clarity grade ranges from FL for flawless to I3 for visibly flawed. These flaws are hard to see on earrings, so you can opt for a lower grade. Shop for diamond earrings with SI1 or SI2 clarity grades.

Color Grade:
Color grade describes the whiteness of the diamond. This grade spans D for colorless to Z for a light-yellow tint. Diamond earrings will pick up your skin and hair color. Getting a high color grade is not necessary. We recommend diamond earrings with H or I color grades.

Carat Weight:
Carat weight refers to the size of the diamond. Carat weight is entirely up to you. Keep in mind that earrings are sold with their total weight listed. A pair of diamond earrings listed as 1 carat have 0.50 carats per earring.


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What is the best setting for princess cut diamond earrings?

Your earrings’ setting can influence its appearance and cost. You may decide to buy preset diamond earrings for a quick and simple option. Some shoppers prefer to buy two loose diamonds to have greater control of the earring’s design and price.

Popular princess cut diamond earring settings include:

Prongs are a classic diamond setting. Less of the diamond is covered by prongs, letting you enjoy its beauty. Also, prongs let more light enter the diamond and sparkle.

Bezels enclose the diamond with only the top of the stone visible. This setting keeps the diamond secure and protects its edges from breaking. With only the top of the diamond visible, bezel-set diamonds sparkle less.

Halos are small diamonds that encircle the center diamond. Halos enhance the earrings’ sparkle and make the center diamond look larger.

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How much are princess cut diamond earrings?

Princess cut diamond earrings’ price will vary depending on their quality. Earrings with low 4C grades will cost a few hundred dollars. Diamond earrings with high grades can set you back several thousand dollars. Princess cut diamonds are actually sold at a lower price per carat than rounds.

When raw diamonds are cut, the princess shape lets cutters keep as much as 80% of the diamond’s weight. In comparison, other cuts can lose half of its raw weight. This allows princess diamonds to be sold at more affordable prices.

Let’s compare two similar round and princess diamonds from James Allen. Both diamonds are 1 carat with an I color grade and SI2 clarity grade. The round diamond costs $3,410, and the princess diamond costs $2,500. That is a difference of $910! With those savings, you can afford higher quality earrings.

To set your price expectations, experiment with different 4C combinations. Consider which of the 4C’s is most important to you and adjust the other grades accordingly. Websites like James Allen let you compare diamonds to help you find your perfect match.

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Final thoughts

With our tips, shopping for beautiful diamond earrings will become a breeze. For a quick reference, keep these guidelines in mind while shopping:

  • Shop princess cut diamond earrings with SI1 or SI2 clarity grades.
  • Select diamond earrings with H or I color grades.
  • Halo settings will make your earrings look more sparkly and larger.
  • Compare diamond grades online to set price expectations.

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