What is a Good Size Diamond for a Wedding Ring?

Congratulations on your engagement! It’s such an exciting time, planning out every single detail of your special day. Everything from the venue, the dress, right down to the shoes you want to wear on your big day.

But, what about your rings? You’ve decided that you want a diamond on your ring, but you have a few questions. Should a wedding ring even have a diamond? How big should the diamond be? How much would it cost?

The most popular diamond wedding ring size has a carat weight ranging anywhere from 0.06 to 1.2 carats. It is perfectly acceptable and popular to have a diamond on your wedding ring. The average cost for a diamond wedding ring is between $1000 and $2000.

The price and size of the diamond on your ring depends on preference and budget. Keep reading to learn more about how to choose the best diamond size for your wedding ring!

Engagement Rings Versus Wedding Rings

The main difference between Engagement rings and Wedding Rings is when you would get each ring. Engagement rings, as the name suggests, are worn upon getting engaged, while wedding rings or bands are exchanged during your wedding vows. They also differ in size and visual aspects like the stone on the ring.

Most of the time, an engagement ring is a diamond on a thinner setting, sometimes featuring another gemstone that the bride to be has a special connection to instead of a diamond.  A wedding ring is usually a wider setting, often not having a stone at all. There are tons of choices for gorgeous diamond wedding bands.

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If you already have a diamond engagement ring and you want a diamond on your wedding ring, you’ll want to make sure that you pair them properly so that they complement each other. For example, if your engagement ring has a huge rock, you might want to opt for an inlaid diamond ring, rather than another big stone.

It’s also important that you get a wedding ring that is the same type of metal as your engagement ring. This will give the illusion of a matching set if they aren’t part of one already. You can find bridal sets at high-end retailers like James Allen or Blue Nile.

How To Pick the Perfect Diamond For Your Wedding Ring

When you’re looking for your wedding ring, you’re spoiled for choice. Your diamond is the most important part of the ring, so pay attention to quality. Weight is not the only thing that matters, you’ll want to pay attention to the 4 C’s of diamond quality to make sure you’re getting the best value.

  • The cut of a diamond, which determines light reflection and brightness. The cut is the main factor in determining diamond quality.
  • The clarity of a diamond. The presence of flaws in the stone that inhibit the brightness and light reflection. The clarity is often dictated by the cut of the diamond. You’ll see diamond clarify referenced like VSS, VS, SI, FL.
  • The diamond’s color. This is the color tint of the diamond on a scale from colorless to yellow. These tints are often hard to see but do affect value.
  • The carat weight. Weight of diamonds are measured in carats. This may not always be directly related to the physical size, but it is an essential factor in a diamond rings value.

Each of these 4Cs, along with the ring’s setting, determines a diamond ring’s cost. Obviously, they are graded before they even arrive at the retailer, so the information should be there for you to look at, in order to make an informed decision. Don’t be afraid to ask your jeweler for recommendations if you’re not sure what to look for.

When you’re choosing the setting, other than your budget, it comes down to personal style. Some prefer a wider band, while others prefer a slim setting. If you’re having a ring made, your jeweler will guide you toward picking a width that is proportionally fitted to your stone choice, as well as your ring size.

What Size Diamond is Best for a Wedding Band?

While the size of your diamond depends more on the taste of who is going to wear the ring, there are a few simple guidelines to help you out.

Don’t go bigger than you’re engagement ring’s diamond

For starters, it’s recommended that you don’t get a diamond bigger than the stone on your engagement ring. As mentioned before, it’s better to get a wedding ring that compliments your engagement ring.  For example, if you have a 2-carat diamond ring, an inlaid diamond ring with 0.08-carat diamonds would be the perfect complementary wedding ring.

Don’t go bigger than your finger

Secondly, don’t get a ring with a stone bigger than your finger. Yes, some will say that a bigger diamond makes your fingers look slender. But, does that really matter? You want it to get attention, not to be the only thing that people see on your hand.

Stay under 1.2 carats

The average carat size, or carat weight, for a diamond in a wedding ring is 1-1.2 carats. This is for a solitaire diamond in a simple setting. This isn’t set in stone, you can get as big or small a diamond as your heart desires.

If you want a ring with diamonds in the band (a flush setting), giving it a jewel-encrusted look, these would be smaller and would have fewer carats, but there would be more of them. In that case, they would be more in the range of 0.08 carat or less

How Much Should You Spend on a Diamond Wedding Ring?

The best thing about wedding rings is that they cost significantly less than engagement rings, for the most part anyway. The average spend rate for a diamond wedding ring is between $1000 and $2000. The cost of the wedding band depends on a few factors.

The Diamond’s Quality and Carat Size

The quality and carat size of the diamond (or diamonds) on your wedding band will be essential in dictating the price of a ring. By considering the 4Cs we talked about before, you can get the best value for your diamond wedding ring.

The Type of Setting

The other factor revolves around the metal setting, meaning the type of metal and its quality.  For example, a yellow gold ring is less expensive than a rose gold ring. On the karat spectrum, a 18k ring is more expensive than a 14k ring.

Even though there is an average, this does not mean that you are required to spend that much. High-end jewelers like James Allen have plenty of wedding band choices under $1000 as well. Remember that more karats or carats mean more cash.

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Final Thoughts

No one can say whether a wedding ring should have a diamond or not. But, it is fair to say that if you do choose to get a diamond wedding ring, it should be visually flattering to your engagement ring, and your hand as well. It should not overshadow your finger.

When you’re choosing a diamond wedding ring, you’ll need to consider the 4 Cs of diamond quality: cut, clarity, color, and carat weight. These four factors not only determine the quality of a ring but its value as well. In addition, you will also need to think about the type of setting you would like for the ring.

Average sizes vary upon the style of ring you choose, but the most popular solitary-stone ring, which is like an engagement ring style, is between 1-1.2 carats. The inlaid diamond rings are closer to 0.08 carats in each diamond.

Because the price will depend on the stone and setting you choose, there’s no way to say what you’ll truly end up spending but prepare to spend anywhere from 1-2 thousand dollars. Don’t worry if your budget is lower, there are plenty of choices to choose from that are under a thousand dollars.

The jewelers at a reputable retailer like James Allen are well-educated and specifically trained in helping you choose the best size diamond for your wedding ring. Don’t be afraid to ask them for advice if you need it!

Carl A. Jones, GIA GG

Carl A. Jones is a GIA Graduate Gemologist with over 20 years of experience in the diamond industry. He is an independent jewelry appraiser. He specializes in determining the value of diamonds and advising consumers on how to buy quality diamond jewelry.

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