What is the Most Expensive Diamond Cut?

1.13 Carat 14K White Gold Twisting Infinity Gold and Diamond Split Shank Pave Set GIA Certified Round Cut Diamond Engagement Ring

What is the most expensive diamond cut? Round is the most expensive diamond cut. Since their debut in 1919, rounds have been a beloved cut. Unlike other diamond cuts that are subjected to trends, round diamonds are always in style.

While the marquise was once the must-have shape of the 90s, they have fallen out of the limelight. Instead, round diamonds have always been considered a classic. Brides love rounds so much that over 75% of engagement rings have round diamonds.

Many factors determine a diamond’s price. One of the biggest pricing factors is the diamond’s cut. Depending on a diamond’s cut, you will either pay premium prices or save yourself hundreds of dollars. Our diamond experts will show you the most expensive diamond cut. Keep reading as we explain why this cut is so expensive and how you can save money while shopping for this cut.

Why are round diamonds so expensive?

There are several reasons why rounds are the most expensive diamond cut:

  • Due to their outstanding beauty and popularity, jewelers can sell round diamonds at premium prices. Round diamonds have such great demand that customers will pay more for this ideal diamond cut.
  • Round diamonds offer the most brilliance of all diamond shapes. Brilliance refers to flashes of bright light made by the diamond. Round diamonds were designed to have remarkable brilliance. Diamond cutter Marcel Tolkowsky created a formula for cutting round diamonds proportionally. With 58 facets, light can efficiently travel throughout the diamond for maximum sparkle.
  • Of all diamond cuts, rounds have the most facets. Diamond cutters must work precisely to cut and arrange every facet.
  • During the cutting process, round diamonds lose about 60% of its raw weight. Other diamond shapes can better retain their raw weight. For example, princess cut diamonds can keep as much as 80% of its original weight. By losing so much raw carat weight, round diamonds are more expensive.

Diamond cut price comparison

You may be wondering just how much more expensive round cuts are compared to other diamond shapes. Let’s examine several diamond cuts from James Allen to illustrate the price difference. All diamonds are 1 carat with a G color, SI1 clarity, and have GIA certification.

Diamond Cut Price Comparison
Diamond Cut/Diamond Shape Price
Round $4,310
Marquise $3,870
Oval $3,530
Cushion $3,270
Pear $3,260
Princess $3,200
Radiant $2,960
Asscher $2,650
Heart $2,650
Emerald $2,310

Round diamonds are in the lead by a longshot. Compared to the emerald cut, rounds cost an extra $2,000! Before shopping for diamonds, it is always important to consider what diamond cut is the best match for you. Besides the shape of the diamond, the cut’s average price can be a major consideration.

1.13 Carat 14K White Gold Twisting Infinity Gold and Diamond Split Shank Pave Set GIA Certified Round Cut Diamond Engagement Ring
1.13 Carat 14K White Gold Twisting Infinity Gold and Diamond Split Shank Pave Set GIA Certified Round Cut Diamond Engagement Ring

How to save money on round-cut diamonds

Just because round diamonds are the most expensive cut, you do not have to run your savings dry to buy one. Our diamond experts have plenty of saving tips to make rounds affordable for anyone.

Compromise on the color or clarity grades. While getting a diamond with the best color and clarity grades sounds like a no-brainer, diamonds with these grades are extremely expensive. Diamonds do not need to have the highest color and clarity grades to be beautiful. Consider getting a diamond with a G, H, or I color grade as well as an SI1 or SI2 clarity grade.

Lower the carat weight. Whole carat sizes, such as 1 carat, receive a price hike. If your ideal carat weight is 1 carat, round down to 0.90 carats. The size difference will not be noticeable, but the savings will be.

Get a halo setting. Halos are stunning additions to diamond jewelry. This ring of small diamonds creates the illusion of a larger center diamond without a high price tag. Halo settings also increase the diamond’s overall brilliance.

Shop for diamonds online. Online jewelry stores sell their pieces at lower prices than physical stores. Online stores can do this because they have less operational costs than brick-and-motor stores. To make up for lost operational costs, physical stores increase the prices of their jewelry. Many online jewelers pass their savings onto you.

Purchase a lab-grown diamond. Mined diamonds go through a long supply chain that racks up the diamond’s price with each step in the process. Lab diamonds go through fewer hands before they arrive at jewelry stores. Man-made diamonds have the same beauty and durability as mined diamonds, but cost a third of the price.

Final thoughts

With their unparalleled beauty, classic style, and demand, it is easy to see why rounds are the most expensive diamond cut. If you have fallen in love with round diamonds, you will always have a wide selection of stunning jewelry to shop from. With our savings tips, you can easily afford this timeless diamond cut without ever going over budget.

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Carl A. Jones, GIA GG

Carl A. Jones is a GIA Graduate Gemologist with over 20 years of experience in the diamond industry. He is an independent jewelry appraiser. He specializes in determining the value of diamonds and advising consumers on how to buy quality diamond jewelry.

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